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    I?m in the middle of season 4 and I find it boring. It feels like the charm of the first three seasons is gone. Or maybe it?s because there are new characters that I don?t really care about? I find Callie and Erica cold, the whole Izzie and George thing at the beginning is strange, Lexie is also cold and Meredith is more annoying than ever. Come on, four years for Mer and Derek to try work things out? I feel losing Addison and Burke was a tremendous loss. I still love Christina, Bailey, Izzie.
    I?m not saying it?s bad but the previous seasons are quite charming and exciting. I, for one love season 3.

    So, am I crazy for thinking this way?

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    I have to agree with you on that. I feel the same way as you. Dont get me wrong there are some really good episodes, but but it really bored me too. I dont really like the new characters that much at all, besides Lexie. Also the thing that annoys me is Meredeth and Derek. It's so annoying that they're still lingering after four years. Get them toghether or keep them appart as friend (NO SEX) it makes me annoyed with them. Also Meredeth has always been annoying. So, I agree. I hope season 5 will be better.
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      I loved Season Four, to be honest. I don't know why, but the show began to remind me quite a lot of Season One, which is my favorite season. Over the years, the level of drama has increased annoyingly and Season Three was just not fun to watch at all. I thought Gizzie was a spectacularly terrible idea and I'm glad that some semblance of the George/Izzie friendship was returning to the show.

      I missed Addison a lot, especially since she's my favorite character on the show, and her absence was perhaps the only thing that I didn't like much about this season. Also, I missed Burke quite a lot, surprisingly, since I was never that big a fan of the character. His scenes with Christina were always something that I really looked forward to.

      One thing that I absolutely loved about this new season was the renewal of the Mark-Derek friendship. I have been waiting for this to happen since Season Three and as sad as it is that it had to come at the expense of Addison's departure, I'm glad it happened. I also enjoyed the Erica-Callie-Mark scenes much more than I thought I would.

      I have high hopes from Season Five now. Hopefully, the writers won't let us down.
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        I just wish that, on season Five, Derek and Meredith on/off again is resolved because, frankly I can?t take more of her whining.
        Still, about season Four, there is one person that I absolutely cannot stand and that is Erica Hahn. It?s like she has no personality, she is completely cold and it seems void of any emotions.


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          I saw episode 14 yesterday and I?m surprised of how much I liked it. It seems things are getting better. I am so glad someone called Meredith a "quitter" and a whiner because that?s what she is. I also liked Christina singing in the morgue. But still, this season is being really weak, imo. It just seems the writing, the medical cases and some characters are not as interesting as they are in S1 and S2. What happened??


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            for me Grey's is a show that isn't the best, but definitely not the worst; it's one of those shows i just enjoy watching. i miss Addison's character, and not liking the addition of Hahn over Burke, but i liked season 4 for the residents taking new interns, but it seemed this was only done to have Lexie in the show, as all the other interns do absolutely nothing and know absolutely nothing (esp in comparison to the main characters in their first year internship in season 1).
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              This has nothing to do with S4, but yesterday I was channel-surfing and caught a re-run of S3, episode 21 and I gotta say that I loved it. I?ve already seen it, but I was mesmorized anyway. Having Addison, Mark and Burke and the interns getting ready for their exams made me realise that S3 still has that magic, that I don?t see anymore on S4.

              btw, Meredith annoys me very much!


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                Finally, I saw the last episode of grey?s. I liked it, actually, ever since Addison showed up, the quality has been increasing. Some bits I liked: Christina finally telling Erica to shut up and also, the Chief also telling her she needs to be a better teacher. Izzie is better this end of the season, and it was disturbing to see Alex like this. Also, George standing up to the chief.

                What I did not like:
                I?m uncomfortable with Erica/Callie. It just seems forced, somehow.
                Erica Hahn. I still hate her!
                I hated how they?re still writing Meredith as a "heroine". So, Derek is the one who has been continuously letting her down? Bullshit. Meredith is just a whiner, what happens in her life is always somebody?s fault. That?s such bullshit.

                So, season four is a very mixed bag to me. It seems that the characters are sacrificied for the sake of plots and I don?t like it. And I just hope season five is better and has less Derek/Meredith.