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Michael Rosenbaum in Vancouver until Dec.

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  • Michael Rosenbaum in Vancouver until Dec.

    So I just finished reading an article in the Vancouver 24 and looks like our favorite bald billionaire will be in Vancouver filming the squeal to Cats & Dogs (err... i dunno why he'd rather do that then smallville... i don't recall the first movie being that great)

    Anyways... This news may give some hope that Lex could pop up at least once before he leaves Vancouver. Now I guess he won't be making any quest spots during filming, but it is good to know he will be in town - close to the Smallville set/cast/crew so there is always a chance he'll a get a bit home sick and return to Smallville! (for an episode at least...)

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    At Dragon Con he seemed really eager to try new things and also way happy to have hair, so....I would say the homesickness has not happened as of yet. Sorry I know Smallville without Lex will be rough.
    "All I ask is that... that you try to see me."