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It's Like Being Addicted to Crack: The Season 1 Boxset

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  • It's Like Being Addicted to Crack: The Season 1 Boxset

    Ok, we've got a thread for the other major boxsets that have come out or will be coming out in the near future and we don't have one for "Gossip Girl!" It was released (in the US, at least) last Tuesday and, while I haven't actually bought it yet, I've heard that it's a really nifty set.

    The 5 disc set contains all 18 episodes and the following special features:

    Originally posted by
    Deleted Scenes (11:30)
    Deleted scenes can be found for roughly half the episodes on the set.

    The Beginning, XOXO (22:46)
    The cast, crew, and writer of the books, talk about the genesis of the series, casting, shooting in NYC and the music.

    Gossip Girl Couture (14:06)
    Fashion plays a huge role on the show; Eric Daman (costume designer), the cast and crew talk about the designs that show up.

    A Gossip Girl Wedding (5:24)
    How much work does it take to put on a wedding? Watch this and you'll know.

    Music Videos (5:38)
    A couple of music videos featuring music used in the show.
    Boring (3:28)
    Secret (2:10)

    LOL (11:56)
    Laugh out loud at this footage.

    Gossip Girl: Audio Book (2:17:46)
    Christina Ricci reads the first Gossip Girl book, available to play on the DVD, AND as an MP3 file on the 5th disc.
    So, this thread can be used to discussing the boxset, posting general reviews of it, etc...

    To start us off? I've got a question! Does anyone know where I can find images of the boxset? Like, of the interior and whatnot? Because I distinctly remember the boxset having a thick binding and, I'm imagining, being in the fold-out style that has become so popular in recent years. However, I saw a kid today at the school where I work and they were showing the boxset to their friend and it was set up like a normal DVD case in a slip cover.

    I just would like to know if there are two different version and if I can find images of this release.
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    I don't have any pics for ya Heather but I saw the boxset at the store and it looked like the slip cover version so maybe they decided not to do the foldout style.

    Anyhoo since I'm a blooper whore, I of course went out on a shirt for the LOL feature and found it on youtube.
    Part 1
    Part 2

    I also found the In The Beginning feature too so if you just can't wait until you get the dvd's in your hand here's some enjoyment for you.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
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      i have the boxset and i love it
      i havent sat down to watching everything yet, i want to save an entire day that!

      but yeah its reeeally pretty. i like touching the pictures hahahaha . it makes me feel special.



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        It hasn't been out here long in the UK, and no doubt it's going to be different. but I think I'll get it at Christmas or birthday, always fun to have a boxset around that time. I hope the UK one isn't too different.