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?Nothing Can Keep Us Together? ? The Relationships

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  • ?Nothing Can Keep Us Together? ? The Relationships

    One of my favorite things about "Gossip Girl" is the different relationship, and not just the romantic ones. Every two characters have a different dynamic.

    Chuck and Blair is the one that I find to be very interesting. I think the scheming they did in ?Poison Ivy' solidified their dynamic. They're mean and because of that, they're the only ones who truly get each other. They know why they do the things they do.

    Blair and Dorota. I love that Blair is really close to her maid. Seeing Eleanor and Blair interact, you really get the sense that while Eleanor's the one she once to make proud, Dorota is the one she looks up to. Which is weird since you'd think, Blair's rich, and the rich tend to look down on "the help."

    Blair and Vanessa. They've only really interacted like twice, but they're both so intimidated by each other, that they aren't' intimidated of each other. I really hope they begin to interact more in Season 2.

    Vanessa and Nate. When I first read that these two were going to get together, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. I figured I would, but I wasn't positive. After seeing it, I was really glad that they started to hang out. Vanessa made Nate so much more likable. I have a feeling that their relationship is far from over.

    Lily and Rufus. Like Chuck and Blair, you can tell that they both get each other. In the beginning they wanted to deny it, by the end of Season 1 you could tell that they could actually be soul mates.

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    Chuck and Blair is definitely a favorite. I love their butterfly conversation in seventeen candles.
    Lily and Rufus is another one. I don't think I have to explain that because you already done it good.
    I really don't like Vanessa and Nate together. I don't want her in the series at all, and especially not with Nate. He should be with Jenny.


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      I find that all relationships that involves Chuck are usually the ones with most chemistry. He just has this tendency to bring out the best (uhm.. well, in a way) in people. Chuck and Bliar are favourites becuase their basic natures are so alike it's uncanny. I love it when Chuck declared his "love" for her - "there's fluttering in my stomach" "uhm - butterflies?" (or something along those lines...). Hilarious! One of the few non Chuck (read only) relationships I like is the Lily/Rufus one. It's like Dan/Serena grown up (ergo minus the teen-age drama!). Lovely. Though I'm a Chuck/who-ever shipper all the way