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  • "All I Want Is Everything" - Speculation and Spoilers

    Of course, there's some spoilers in this thread. I've decided not to tag mine since most people will probably be speculating from the spoilers, so everything would end up being tagged, so why bother?

    Yeah, it's pretty much the same title as the on over at TVwP, but who cares? It's the best book title I could use to go with Speculation and Spoilers.

    Titles for the first eleven episode:
    • 2.01 - 'Summer, Kind of Wonderful'
    • 2.02 - 'Never Been Marcused'
    • 2.03 - 'The Dark Night'
    • 2.04 - 'The Ex-Files'
    • 2.05 - 'The Serena Also Rises'
    • 2.06 - 'New Haven Can Wait'
    • 2.07 - 'Chuck in Real Life'
    • 2.08 - 'Preet a Poor Jenny'
    • 2.09 - 'There Might Be Blood'
    • 2.10 - 'Bonfire of the Vanity'
    • 2.11 - 'The Magnificent Archibalds'

    I've read several things that I'm excited about, mainly the fact that Dan and Chuck will strike an unlikely friendship. The reason is even funnier! Chuck becomes somewhat of a muse for Dan.

    I'm also very excited about the introduction of Aaron Rose. At the moment, he's just Serena's new love interest, but in the books, Aaron is Blair's step-brother, so I'm guessing that could eventually happen, if the character is well received.

    From recent photos, Blair and Serena will be getting in a fight, an actual fistfight. The pictures look intense. I'm really curious to see how this all goes down. I think it may have to do something with Serena's new friend, Poppy (played by Tamara Feldman).
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    Oddly, I think my fave thing about this show is the episode titles. Often they are such clever little twists on other pop culture items. This list has a few cool sounding ones. I don't care if I sound like a loser but I love episode titles!! Some series have such lame ones. Or bizarre hard-pronounce ones. (Hello X-Files!) But I like ones that are fun and clever or deep and meaningful. I've always been a fan of titles.
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      I too am really liking these titles. I'm really glad they've made the theme obvious: Movies. Last season, you could sort of tell, but if you're not a huge movie buff, some you got, some you didn't.


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        A press release was releaed today with several spoilers for each character:
        Season two continues with Serena's rising social status, as she becomes a New York City It Girl. Taking Manhattan by storm seems a fun distraction, but when elements of her bad-girl personality begin to emerge, will Serena's newfound status fuel bad habits? Plus, as Serena and Dan struggle to come to terms with their breakup, Dan unwittingly crosses Serena, and he sees what she is really capable of. Dan also acquires a mentor — a literary lion who urges him to explore his grittier side. But will he lose his moral compass?

        Blair dates someone out of her league and is dealt a severe betrayal. This won't be the only betrayal Blairwill face, as someone close to her threatens her queen bee status. But Blair will dish up ill will of her own — no one leaves her in Tuscany, certainly not Chuck Bass … Meanwhile, Chuck demonstrates how truly Machiavellian he can be, as he helps facilitate the fall of one queen bee and the rise of another. Chuck and Blair's love-hate relationship rises to new levels; he regrets his decision to leave her, and tries to make everyone — including Blair — pay for his mistake.

        Nate shocks everyone with a scandalous new relationship with a sexy older woman, all the while trying to deal with the consequences of his father jumping bail. How will Nate handle these newfound financial woes? What schemes or dreams will he come up with to make money?

        Jenny continues her Cinderella story, substituting Blair for her mother, Eleanor, and a job at Eleanor's atelier. Jenny also develops a friendship with a model who gets her in over her head in the dark, adult world of fashion. This girl is the fun, wild friend who pulls Jenny away from family and school and into the night … something Rufus is not happy about.

        Vanessa's life gets turned around by the return of her unstable sister, a force whose wrongs Vanessa is always trying to right. Plus, she gets pulled back into Nate's drama, and, though she tries to be a good friend to him, it is hard on her. Vanessa opens the door a bit more to her life and why she is the way she is. She also gets a job that brings her closer to the world of Rufus.

        Rufus, meanwhile, has returned from tour with the realization that the dreams he gave up haven't left his mind. He'll have to choose which path he wants to follow. Rufus starts to date again, something that brings him into conflict with Lily. He is also in conflict with Jenny, over her future, and with Dan, and Dan's new attitude to live more and take bigger risks.

        Lily returns from a three-month globetrotting honeymoon as Mrs. Bart Bass to find herself thrust into a new level of Manhattan society — and all the privileges and pressures that come with it. The public unveiling of the new apartment — palace or gilded cage? — lends incredible stress and Lily starts to question the choices she's made. She also finds out that her new husband knows more about her than she thought, as he attempts to clean up and contain her past. Lily's attempts to maintain some type of relationship with Rufus and escape from the mundane duties of a society wife force Rufus to draw the line, and, for the first time in their history, Lily finds that she's the one rebuffed.

        Through it all, Gossip Girl is there. Keeping track of the shifting friendships, jealousies and turmoil in this wealthy and complex world isn't easy, but it's what Gossip Girl does best (always with an X and an O).
        I'm so happy after reading this. I cannot wait for everyone's storylines because they all sound pretty interesting. I'm seriously glad we're going to be learning more about Vanessa.


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          According to this Article, Gold Medal winner at the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games Nastia Luikin will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of "Gossip Girl". How exciting!!! well at least for me.


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            John Patrick Amedori has been cast a Aaron Rose and Wallace Shawn has been cast as Cyrus Rose, Aaron's father.

            Also, some MAJOR photos were released and...
            Are you sure?
            Nate's KISSING Jenny?!

            And yes, Jenny is joining a biker gang this season. I cannot wait for her to get into a bar fight. Broken beer bottle and all.


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              due, I so Wallace Shawn. I was so excited when I read that yesterday. AND he will be in multiple eps. Awesome. I've always loved that guy!

              As for the pic? YAYz!!!! That is my guilty pleasure ship since day one.
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                Introducing... Aaron Rose

                I'm happy that he's not as clean cut as I was expecting. He's got the goatee and the shaggy hair. I'm really excited to see how this all plays out. I can just tell I'm going to love Aaron.

                I hope the JumboTron thing is a part of the episode!