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  • Dude, you Lost me!

    A Lost thread.

    It seems like there are a few closet Lost fans here if the poll is anything to go by.

    I stopped watching way back at the end of season two when C4 lost the rights to Sky but I've just watched the third and forth season and woooooow!

    Well I say the forth but the last two episodes were missing from where I watched it from. Gutted does not cover it!

    The new series starts in the new year and the final series the following year (2010 <---- how scary! ).

    What do you love/hate about Lost? Who do you love/hate? What do you want to see happen in the next series and in the end? What the hell is going on now?

    Come on people don't be ashamed share your Lost love.


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    I love the mystery behind the whole thing. Plus its an awesome show, I watched it during season 1 and started rewatching during season 4 and fell in love with it again


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      I think season 1 and 4 have certainly been the best. So far at least.

      Seasons 2 and 3 were all about answering questions that needed to be put to one side and setting up more questions for season 4.

      The one thing that worries me is the change of style for season 5. I think the flashbacks were such a huge part of the shows set up. Not sure how I feel about that going. Although it will certainly be less confusing!



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        I'll miss the Flash Backs But I think I love the Flash Forwards even more though So I hope they do more of those


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          I really like the flash forwards.

          It's made the show more interesting again.

          If I am interpreting what I read the other day correctly there isn't going to be anymore flashes back or forward.

          They said they had re-formated the show for season 5.

          I hope it doesn't mess up the shows dynamic too much.


          Correcting myself. I had a good look around and apprently there was a leak that the flashes had been cut but it's not true! They have changed the format to reduce the flashes though. I think that will make the show better and me less confused.
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