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  • Top Smallville Episodes

    I haven't watched the first two seasons in depth, so Seasons 3-7: (in no order)

    Exile (so much fun!!!!!)
    Memoria (who doesn't love Lex?)
    Commencement (my fav episode; SO much)
    Zod (exciting, drama, fun, everything!)
    Justice (best superhero eppy ever! LOVE!)
    Promise (great, great, great set up)
    Bizarro (exciting, drama, fun, everything!)
    Traveler (exciting, drama, fun, everything! )
    Veritas (veeeeeeeery intriguing)
    Descent (best written episode in the whole series, def. top 3)

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    I've got it divided up into two categories: "The Awesome Episodes" and "My All-Time Favorite Episodes."

    The Awesome Episodes
    1.12 "Leech"
    1.20 "Obscura"
    1.21 "Tempest"
    2.16 "Fever"
    2.23 "Exodus"
    3.14 "Obsession"
    3.16 "Crisis"
    4.02 "Gone"
    4.06 "Transference"
    4.08 "Spell"
    4.11 "Unsafe"
    4.12 "Pariah"
    5.11 "Lockdown"
    5.22 "Vessel"
    6.04 "Arrow"
    6.06 "Fallout"
    6.10 "Hydro"
    6.12 "Labyrinth"
    6.13 "Crimson"
    6.15 "Freak"
    6.22 "Phantom"
    7.01 "Bizarro"
    7.07 "Wrath"
    7.08 "Blue"
    7.09 "Gemini"
    7.15 "Veritas"
    7.20 "Arctic"

    My All-Time Favorite Episodes

    4.15 "Sacred" - Such a badass episode. The amount of action is oustanding and I love how it really advances the Isobel storyline. At first, I thought the episode would turn out like bad fanfic (Clark, Lana, Lex, and Jason travel to Japan! Woooo!), but it's really in my top 3 favorite episodes. And Kristin Kreuk is so awesome as a villain.

    4.22 "Commencement" - Also in my top 3 favorite episodes, this one just blows the roof off of anything that SV has EVER done. Top notch acting, fantastic storytelling, great direction, and the special effects are amazing!

    5.03 "Hidden" - Such an emotional and powerful episode. I loved everything about it and, even if they did show Clark being shot in the trailer for the episode, I was still shocked when it happened. And Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk both did fantastic jobs with showing their characters' reactions to Clark's shooting and death.

    6.01 "Zod" - Admit it: Who DIDN'T enjoy seeing Lex/Zod throw Lana across the room like a ragdoll? Though, I really loved Lana in this episode - really stepping up and being a hero - and Chloe's stuff was great, too. Woo for Lionel and Martha! Woo for Martha bitching out Jor-El in the Fortress! Woo for Clark getting his ass kicked by Lex/Zod! Best season premier that the show has ever done - and they've had some of the best premiers on television.

    6.16 "Promise" - Very dramatic, very powerful, and I loved how the reveal in the wine cellar when Clark had to get Chloe out of the vault-thing and Lana saw it all happen and she finally learned his secret. Plus, I was bawling for a majority of it all. And the direction? Woo! The cinematography was great and the idea of showing the one day from Clark, Lana, and Lex's points of view? It really paid off.

    7.10 "Persona" - Another dramatic episode. I loved the plot-twists throughout it all and the final montage to Interpol was so beautiful and awesome.

    7.12 "Fracture" - Again, dramatic. I loved the insight into Lex's mind and the opening teaser with Lex and Lois in Detroit was so suspenseful and shocking. And I really loved seeing Chloe willingly use her power to save both Clark and Lex.

    7.14 "Traveler" - Action-packed awesomeness, honestly. And Lana and Chloe teaming up to convince Kara to help them - and then Kara going to the Fortress and that entire scene? So great. Plus, I really loved the character of Patricia Swann.

    7.16 "Descent" - Ahhhhh! Even if the CW ruined the big plot-twist by showing it in the trailer and saying what happens in the episode summary, everything about this episode was perfect.
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      "Persona", actually, is one of my least favorite episodes. I only liked the end. not the rest. And I notice "Justice" gone from your list I shall do the awesome eppys too:

      3.02 "Phoenix"
      3.09 "Asylum"
      3.22 "Covenant"
      4.06 "Transference"
      4.12 "Pariah"
      4.15 "Sacred"
      5.01 "Arrival"
      5.03 "Hidden"
      5.07 "Splinter"
      5.22 "Vessel"
      6.19 "Nemesis"
      7.08 "Blue"
      7.09 "Gemini"
      7.11 "Siren"
      7.12 "Fracture"
      7.20 "Arctic"

      And ranking my top 10:

      1. Commencement
      2. Descent
      3. Zod
      4. Promise
      5. Traveler
      6. Justice
      7. Veritas
      8. Exila
      9. Memoria
      10. Bizarro
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        Any episode where Tom Welling has to take off his shirt. Seriously. That should be required in every episode....

        Oh, I haven't obsessed over this show like I do with the Btvs/ats eppy's, so I don't know all of the names of these episodes, but I really liked:

        The one where Lex and Lana get married
        The one where Lex has his christmas dream about being married to Lana
        The one where Clark is on red cryptoninte and has to ride around on a motorcycle sporting a sexy leather jacket and shades....
        The one with Clark and Lana in a lake in Clark's dreams...(aforementioned missing shirt)
        Um, a lot of this past season was kick-ass, too, so a lot of them....
        The 100th eppy was probably my all-time favorite, though


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          I dont know if I could list alot but my 2 favorite smallville Episode are:

          1. The one where Jonathan Kent Dies
          2. When Flash was introduced