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  • The Epic Bones Rewatch

    I'm doing an epic Bones rewatch! That's right! Every single "Bones" episode. All 3 seasons. Over the summer. To kick it off, last night, I watched the first four episodes of the series: "Pilot", "The Man in the S.U.V", "The Boy in the Tree", and "The Man in the Bear". I will be watching, about, 1 episode per day and then giving my recent thoughts here. Anyone preparing to do a rewatch of any episode or the whole series, be prepared to share it in here

    Have fun!

    This isn't one of my favorite pilots, but it's still a great one. It seems like the writers were trying to hard here, and it came out a little....pushy? I love how they started right with showing Brennan as a strong, kicking ass lady She actually seems to be looser in the older episodes. "If you drive one more block, I'm screaming 'kidnap' out the window!" Booth and Brennan have a very weird and separate chemistry in this episode that when they talk, but me still loves it Zack also seems a lot looser in this episode. "This ego warrior look works for you." I think everyone is a bit OOC in this Pilot, cause, like I said earlier, they are trying to push you into these characters, which they obviously don't have to do. They automatically set up Hodgins as this freak! He likes conspiracy stuff, but they're over-doing it a bit Angela is actually pretty in-character throughout the whole episode. Nice, caring, really into Booth Again for Zack being OOC: "But I'm not a virgin. Far from it." *cringe* Brennan putting back together a whole skull is amazing! The case isn't my favorite stuff, but oh well, because I love the scene where Brennan gets the gum Okay, time for one of my favorite scenes....ever. The scene in the shooting range is amazing! I love their clashing, and Brennan being sexy and beating Booth....AH! I love it "Prove a cop." Brennan shooting that guy is an iconic moment, and I love it. While there are many OOC moments, weird moments, and a lame plot, it can't be anywhere near perfect. But, a lot of nice moments:


    Episodes 2, 3, and 4 reviews coming soon.

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    Sorry for double posting, but me be doing that a lot in this thread.

    Shorter reviews for regular episodes, longer reviews for special episodes.

    1.02 "The Man in the S.U.V"

    So, the plot was risky; but they didn't work it right. The plot got annoying and I lost interest about halfway through. But, I loved the whole "wife having an affair" part of it because it led to one of my favorite scenes: "You live with a sexy lawyer?" Awesomeness! I liked how Booth had to kill the brother, but other than that and the affair, not so much. Everyone else seems to be in character, except Hodgins, who only says, "Conspiracy! CONSPIRACY!!!!!!" Yeah, hate that. So, average beginning season episode. And, no, that's not a compliment.


    1.03 "The Boy in the Tree"

    So, I used to love this episode. Not exactly sure why. I mean, it's good, but it's not really good, or even close to really good. Just....good. The case is really average, and picks up only when you find out the girl knows the camera is there. It's a little boring, but whatever, because of "reap the benefits of my sexual wisdom." Zack's story with the old lady is hilarious and I love Hodgins sudden admiration of "Sid" Awesome stuff. So, boring case and awesome subplots = good.


    1.04 "The Boy in the Tree"

    I wove, wove, WOVE this episode. First, the case is intriguing, IMO. The whole cannabilistic killer is great, and Charlie flirting with Brennan is pretty hilarious. I love Hodgins/Zack's story with the lesbian girl their both hitting on. Totally hilarious. Also, everyone wanting Brennan is great! And the Booth/Brennan dance "Everyone's pumping me." "Sorry?" However, the killer is really predictable. He's the only one not actually hitting on Brennan. You can tell he is pumping her for info. And the psycho!drunk bitches rant was hilarious and....pretty freaky. And I love how Brennan knocked him out so they wouldn't have to hear his rambling psycho speech. Awesome! So, loved, loved it.


    More to come later!


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      1.05 "The Boy in the Bush"

      Okay, so this episode is interesting. I love the premise. I mean love. I love the "Angela might quit!" scare, and I love Goodman's speech. I love the song. I love, "You don't believe in heaven though." "Yeah....but you do." I love Brennan's speech to the kid. I want to emphasize this. I love that speech. Now, onto things I don't really love. The mystery. I don't really love that aspect of the episode. The mystery isn't what I expected it to be. I liked the premise, like I said above, but the mystery was pretty boring. But, the other stuff was amazing! AMAZING.


      1.06 "The Man in the Wall"

      Eh. It's okay, but the mystery, again, kinda sucks. They really need to get a good mystery and stick with it, which they kinda start in the next episode. Can't wait. I loved Brennan and Booth arresting the guy with the cane, though. That was great, but other than that, the case, again, falls short. However, I give extra points to this episode for the awesome HIGH BRENNAN! Great stuff. Also, the Tessa/Booth trip story is great, so I award extra points. Again: bad story, great character interactions =


      More to come!


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        I am doing the same thing, except it my first time seeing the Bones series. I never got a change to watch it because the show aired on Wednesdays and I was taping so many thing that I doucld not watch the show. When they moved it to Mondays I was able to watch and feel in love with the cast. I am watching Season one mow and just bought season two. TNT is airing Bones at 10pm on Tusedays so I can watch season 3 until it comes out on DVD. I can't beleive I have never watch this show it is so incrediable.


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          I'm doing it too. I just finished The Woman In the Tunnel. may I just say that the commentaries with david and emily are hilarious. They dont really talk about the episode at all lol.

          I think the one thing about this show that bugs me is that the killer is ALWAYS predictable. I found that to be the case a lot in season 3.

          Two bodies in the lab is SUPERB, and best directed so far in season 1
          I shaved my legs to the knees for this?