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    What are your favorite episodes of "Bones"? Come on, tell us! I'm sure this'll all change in two days, though

    1. Aliens in a Spaceship

    Woah! Way intense! This is easily my favorite episode evah! Well, first off, awesome mystery, and I can't wait to really find out who the Gravedigger is! But, the thing I loved, was how focused the episode was on characters. Saving Brennan and Hodgins was all that mattered, not finding the Gravedigger. Booth's dedication of saving Brennan was heart breaking, and I loved the secret message and Hodgins/Brennan staying alive and bonding under the ground. My favorite scene of "Bones" is in this episode, when Booth is looking over the vast desert (or something), and "A Light on the Hill" starts playing, and then Hodgins and Brennan blow a hole up, and Booth immediately starts running towards it as fast as he can to save Brennan Beautiful.

    2. Judas on a Pole

    Another WOAH episode! Brennan's past has always intrigued me, a lot, and seeing Brennan's father and the reveal of who it was, awesomeness! I loved seeing Russ again, and Brennan's love of her father. I loved how Booth didn't chase her father, and just stared as he got away....for Brennan. Of course, he couldn't do that again in "Stargazer in a Puddle" Also, another of my favorite scenes is the last scene of this episode, when "Running up that Hill" is playing Great stuff, here.

    3. The Verdict in the Story

    I know this is a very recent episode, and that might effect my judgment, but it's beautiful. It's amazing. Amazing. I love the whole court aspect, and how Angela is that good of a friend to Brennan! The Brennan/Booth banter in the courtroom is so cute, and I love their reaction to Sweets wanting to continue their lessons! Can anyone say "awwwww!" And, of course, how far Brennan goes to save her father. "That's a lot of heart, Bones." Great line, great episode. I loved seeing "Judas on a Pole" replacing Max with Brennan. Booth's mini-speech of how great Brennan is very touching, and, of course, the end, with "Fountains" by Sara Lov playing. Awesome ending, so touching, great!

    And I'll just name the rest of my top 10:

    4. The Knight on the Grid
    5. Two Bodies in the Lab
    6. Stargazer in a Puddle
    7. The Man in the Morgue
    8. The Man in the Fallout Shelter
    9. The Woman in Limbo
    10. Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van