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  • 7.20 "Arctic" Discussion Thread

    Episode Description

    Kara tells Lex he is destined to defeat the Traveler and offers to take him to the Fortress to learn how. Clark is stunned that Kara would go to Lex but it is revealed that Brainiac is impersonating Kara and she's actually trapped in the Phantom Zone. Chloe is arrested by the Department of Domestic Security and Lana awakens from her comatose state. Meanwhile, Clark and Lex face off in the Fortress and Lex learns Clark's secret.
    So what did you all think of the season 7 finale? Personally, I was a bit disappointed. There was some good stuff in it but somehow I imagined it to be a bit more epic and grand. *shrug*

    Things I liked:

    - No more Clana! I'm so glad that Brainiac's death led to Lana and Chloe waking up and that for once Lana actually did the right thing and finally left Clark. She is indeed holding Clark back and I'm glad she realised this. I have to admit that I found Clark's crying when he saw her video message quite moving but at the same time I was just so relieved that after 7 long years, Clana is finally over!

    - Lex finally finding out what Clark is! Their confrontation in the Fortress was the highlight of the episode for me! I also loved Lex's look when Kara/Brainiac said to Lex that he already knew who the Traveller was. I had to chuckle a bit at Lex's "I love you like a brother, Clark" line. The Clex slasher in me was going "like a brother, yeah right!".

    - Brainiac impersonating Kara. I thought that was really cool and Laura VanderVoort did a fine job with it.

    - Clark actually killing Brainiac! It was great how Brainiac taunted Clark that he would never kill him and then Clark goes ahead and just does it. And it's not as if Clark killed a human being, as he rightly pointed out Brainiac is only a machine.

    - Lex's ironic smile when Jimmy said that he doesn't like to spy on his friend.

    Things I didn't like:

    - The way Lex/MR was sent off from the show! Or rather he didn't get a proper send-off and I found that incredibly disappointing. Everything was left open and with a cliffhanger and while that's sometimes a good thing in this instance it rubbed me the wrong way. Thank goodness that Chloe will be back next season, otherwise her send-off would have sucked even more. Maybe the finale was shot before MR declined to return for another season and maybe that's the reason why this Lex send-off sucked. IMO a character/actor who has been on the show since the beginning deserved something better. At least Lex got to finally discover Clark's secret, that's something I guess.

    - Kara being trapped in the Phantom Zone. Been there, done that. Not very original on the writers' part.

    - Chloe being arrested! Well I'm sure she will manage to get out of this situation someway next season (because Clark needs his sidekick) but I hate that my favourite female character is being put through all that. Also not too fond of Jimmy proposing to Chloe, I just don't like Jimmy, he annoys me. At least she didn't have time to say yes what with the arrest and all.

    So what did you guys think? Post away!

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    I'm surprised, Cori! I thought it was a fantastic episode, at least one of my favorites of the season. IMO, the "Veritas" trio of episodes kind of won my love for the season, but I loved this eppy, too!

    When I was watching this episode, I was gasping, laughing, and awwing! I really loved Jimmy proposing to Chloe, and while Jimmy isn't my fav character, his speech was really beautiful, and I wanted Chloe, as she was being dragged off, to yell, "YES!" or something I thought BrainiacasKara was fantastic, as you said, and LV did a wonderful job. Bit disappointing she's not a regular for next season. I thought the Kara!Trapped scenario was interesting, but not really interesting. Like you, I loved the meeting at the Fortress, so intense! But, my two favorite parts were just like yours: Clark killing Brainiac (awesome!), and Lana's send-off. Perfect. Thank god Al and Miles are gone, because now we're starting to see a Superhero! Lois comforting Clark was wonderful, and a great start to what has to be Clois *nods*

    About Lex's send-off, at the end, I wasn't thinking it as a send-off. It that's the last shot we see of Lex on this show, I think I'll kill someone But, for some reason, I think he'll be in the Season 8 premiere, and then leave, because what happens to him? The fortress is destroyed....he's in the fortress...he can't, if he just leaves....I don't see that happening. I have faith in the writers and especially MR. I think they'll make sure he comes back in the premiere. Or, at least, I hope.


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      Wow, what an eppy. My heart broke with Lana's message....I know everyone isn't so found of the Clana, but I thought KK's performance in that scene was so touching and felt.....then the break to Clark's tears, and Lois's comforting him....have to say I was a bit weepy. No more Lex! I agree Cori, I was kind of disappointed that that will be the last shot we see of Lex (supposedly) that we will get. I thought the scene itself was fantabulous, but I it was bittersweet, too. Lex finally found out it was Clark! Even though Brainiac pointed out that he knew all along. I was hoping for more of a battle between them in that scene, but who knows what we'll see in the premeire. I do take MR at his word that he won't be back next season, so I disagree, Ben, that we'll see him in the premeire. My guess is that he'll be frozen in the rubble under the arctic tundra or whatever.....a good series finale for next year IMO would be to the effect that he's discovered and beginning to thaw or something.

      I soooo Jimmy's proposal to Chloe! Jimmy is such a sweetie-pie, and his character has really grown on me this season. Ideally, I'd like to see a hookup of C&C, but I'm pretty sure that will never my second hope is that Chloe accepts, and they actually get married next season.

      This episode has (finally) got me to see the potential of a Clois ship. Before it was just always so awkward and pushy, the sly hints that they're destined. But tonight, it was more subtle, and I totally went gaga over the chemistry in the Lana video scene. Lois handing Clark a DP appy was a nice touch, and with Lex out of the picture next season, I think we're finally going to see our mild-mannered reporter!

      Overall, I thought it really was a fantastic finale - slightly disappointing on the MR final scene, but I'll get over that with multiple viewings....

      Now, I have to wait 4 months!!!!! Bring on September!


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        7.20 - 'Arctic'

        The only thing I can thing about for Lex to get some closure would be for maybe in the premiere, they could show his body being discovered, maybe just showing an arm, or a hand. That way, we know his still alive. So, maybe someone from a small town in the Arctic could take him to a local hospital. He'd remain in unconscious for awhile, and then when he wakes up, he could have amnesia, and sticks around there. If they could get MR back for just a scene or two, he could wear a bandage on his head, that way they wouldn't have to shave his head. They could have one scene with Clark visiting him, but Lex doesn't know who he is. After Clark's visit, something could click in his head, which causes him to begin to remember some things, except maybe who the Traveler is, but still remember that there is one, who he thinks wants to destroy the human race...(Season 8 Spoiler)
        which prompts him to call Tess to tell her to take care of his things, which she'd already be doing anyway, until he decides to returns,
        because he plans on staying in the Arctic for a while. So, Clark could go about his business thinking Lex doesn't remember a thing. Then one day, Lex Luthor can return, as evil as ever. That way, when Superman pops-up, Lex will think, he's the Traveler and he's evil. But, that storyline feels a little too contrived.

        I'm very saddened to hear that Kara won't be returning next season. Though, it'd be the perfect way to allow Kara to become Supergirl. Spending time in the Phantom Zone will allow her to have her own form of training. Plus, if need be, and the Actor's Strike does happen, they could do an episode featuring Kara in the Phantom Zone. Laura Vandervoort is from Canada, so she's probably not apart of America's SAG. Plus, it'd be an interesting way to see how Kara would do on her own, if The CW is interested in doing a Supergirl Spin-off after Smallville ends.

        I also wonder how Chloe will get out of jail. Could Lois and Jimmy team-up to use the information on Lex in some kind of bargain? That could be another reason Lex decides to stay in hiding. Also, I loved the way that Chloe took down Brainiac with her power. It was one of the coolest things Smallville has ever done, IMO. I wonder if there's anything more to Brainiac's "What are you?"

        I think Brainiac is far from dead. I'm guessing he escaped through the electricity; he is a machine after all. He'll probably just need some time to rebuild himself, hopefully into his comic book form.

        Lana's sendoff was very well done, especially since they didn't have Kristin Kreuk on set. I actually felt a little sad Clark. I loved how it led to a Clark/Lois hug. I mean, seriously, they're friends and they should care about each other.


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          Originally posted by Cori View Post
          - No more Clana! I'm so glad that Brainiac's death led to Lana and Chloe waking up and that for once Lana actually did the right thing and finally left Clark. She is indeed holding Clark back and I'm glad she realised this. I have to admit that I found Clark's crying when he saw her video message quite moving but at the same time I was just so relieved that after 7 long years, Clana is finally over!
          YES no more Clana

          I must say I was very impressed that Clark actually showed some real emotion when watching Lana's video, I very nearly cried! Oh Tom have you finally picked up some skills?

          I absolutely loved this episode, I worked very hard to catch up on this season so that I could watch the finale when it was aired. Maybe watching the last 6 episodes all in one go was a good thing?

          There was a lot of things I absolutely loved about this episode, especially the Clark/Lois moments. I'm a Chloe/Clark shipper but I've long ago realised their relationship is only friendship, and so I can appreciate the Lois/Clark relationship also

          The Lex/Clark showdown was amazing too, poor abandoned Lex HAH whatever. I have no compassion for him, he totally always had it coming. As if he weren't scheming against Clark the whole time. I never was a big fan of Lex, maybe it's leftover feelings from watching the movies? I don't know.

          Aw and poor Chloe, arrested. I absolutely loved how she yelled "call Clark" while she was being dragged off. Poor Jimmy, it's always Clark she wants ha ha. But it made my little heart jump, the way she yelled for him, I was like "yeah, he's gonna save her" but then he didn't... yet

          I also didn't like that Jimmy proposed to Chloe and I'm really glad she never had a chance to say yes. I don't think she would, she definitely didn't look like she wanted to. I hope she won't
          >> and we want s p e c t a c u l a r v i e w s if we're to stay for the w e e k e n d <<


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            I LOVED no more Clana. I'm SO sick of them. But you guys are missing one of the best things! CLOIS! I loved that as Lana was leaving, Lois walked in. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

            I'm so happy.

            And I love Lex. So upset they took away his soul but he is wonderful.


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              I know, I'm waaay behind, but I saw the episode this morning so...

              First, like many of you, wooo hooo for no more Clana!!! Lana's been seriously bugging me for the last few seasons, she's evil, she's good, she's this and that and she makes a mess out of everything. Furthermore, like she said, she's been totally holding him back. Therefore, I'm all happy and skippy that she's gone

              Secondly, I don't get why everyone is so happy about Lex finding out about Clark? It's not the way it's supposed to be! Lex Luthor can't know who Superman is (although, how they're gonna keep everybody from recognising him when he "pulls of the galsses and puts on the suit", seeing as he's gone around for twenty something years without glasses beats me...) - it ruins the whole thing. However, knowing Smallville, someone or someones will get amnesia. Because, really, the only one in Smallville at the moment I wouldn't mind figuring Clark out (that doesn't already know, minus Lex), is Lois. Beacuse hey, she's gonna know sooner lor later!

              Finally, what I loved about the the episode (all the last episodes of this season) was that you got to see some advancement on Clois. I love them together, they have a lot more chemistry and *energy* than Clana, IMO. Lois is a mouthful, but I think Clark will be a good opponent. As previously mentioned, I also love how she brought by the DP application, I was all *squeee* and "Finally!!". Ah well... Can't wait until next season (at least something good comes with the fall )


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                Personally, as far as im concerned that was the crappiest finale yet. Yes, there were some suspensful moments but i found it extremely dull compared to season sixes finale. I am glad the Clana relationship is over though. i was laughing my head off as clark started to cry and lois walked in, that had being going on way to long. I still think they should kill chloe every time they have a chance so clark can be more focused on lois and the show will get back to its original point. Im also not a fan of kara being trapped in the phantom zone. she was my fav character after lois and she is not going to be a recurring character next season. Overall, i was disappointed with the finale, but i still enjoyed and and cant wait for season 8!