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  • Bones 2008-2009 Schedule

    Okay, so, FOX's fall and spring schedule is released. We have good news....and bad news. Because of American Idiot, we are once again....moved.

    In the fall, we are on WEDNESDAYS! YAY! This is a great night for me, at least.

    8 p.m.: Bones
    9 p.m.: 'Til Death
    9:30 p.m.: Do Not Disturb

    It's paired with two comedies. Yeah, I don't get it either. "House" has moved to Tuesdays with JJ Abrams' (YAY!) new series, "Fringe" (which I'm so excited for), so now it has nothing to be paired with. *sigh*

    And when for the 2009 season (Jan, Feb, March, etc.), we are on....*drumroll!* FRIDAYS! BOO!

    8 p.m.: Bones
    9 p.m.: 'Til Death
    9:30 p.m.: Do Not Disturb
    We are on the worst night of TV, still with two comedies. Great

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    Yeah, the Friday move sucks. But it's also not set in stone. If some of the new series don't work out then the schedule will be tinkered with anyway. SO I think it's too early to worry. But FOX has a weird way of always trying to move the show to Fridays. It doesn't usually stay there long though.

    As for Wednesday....I thought it sounded fine too. I think it's going to be on at the same time as Pushing Daisies. But my DVR will be cool with that. I just hope nothing else I watch get scheduled at the same time! :eek: I hate when there are like 3 shows I love in the same time slot. It's so cruel and is evidence that the world is against me!
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      Yeah, I hate that too. A bit off topic, but T:SCC is on Mondays, as will Dollhouse in the spring, but so is Chuck/Heroes. Stuff like that makes me insane.

      It isn't set in stone? Great! I hate that time spot.


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        Originally posted by BlasterBoy View Post
        It isn't set in stone? Great! I hate that time spot.
        Lol no....this is the fourth year in a row that Fox has threatened Bones with the Friday night death slot in the spring, and it's never happened yet! It seems to be a ritual song and dance Fox always does with Bones! Annoying, but as long as it doesn't transpire its fine.....

        Wednesdays now, huh? Well I don't know how that will be for me, my schedule changes, and next year is going to be tricky anyway.....but at least GG and Bones won't be on at the same time now, and there will be something on Wednesdays!

        We should keep tallies....Bones has now been on Tues twice, Mon once, and will now have been on Wed twice....has it been on Thursday yet?
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