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Pleeeease, give Who something to sing about!

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  • Pleeeease, give Who something to sing about!

    So, if Torchwood and Doctor Who had musical episodes... what do you think each character would sing about? And what musical stylings would they adopt? Is Rose a secret rock chick? Is the Doctor more of a Nick Cave murder ballad type? Would Jack be a soul diva or more of a funkster? And I can't believe I used the word funkster. I am old.

    Anyway, thoughts...?

    I think the Daleks would sing about exterminating. In the style of kraftwerk.

    Owen would sing a death metal number about being dead and all his disgusting fantasies, with lots of swearing.

    I think the Doctor would go for the Robbie Williams-style ouvre of "look at me, I'm so screwed up and alone but you all want to have sex with me yes?" ego pop ballad that's also quite sentimental. That, or some swing jazz ballad. Definitely ballad. Though I'd love to see him do a punk number and smash stuff up using his sonic screwdriver.

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    I could see Ten doing a big Las Vegas Elvisy type show number (Complete with 'thank you ver' much').

    He's got the hair for it after all and the energy. Rose, Martha & Donna as backing singers would be hilarious.

    As for the ladies themselves. Rose would do an R&B ballad of some sort to keep the chav thing going. Martha I reckon is a secret soul diva and Donna would probably do the macarena or the locomotion or something.

    Jack could so pull off a swing number (Mac the knife? My way?)
    I think Ianto would be the death metaller. In full Marilyn Mansun get up.

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      Originally posted by tangent View Post
      I think Ianto would be the death metaller. In full Marilyn Mansun get up.
      In the words of my all time fav character...Oh God no!

      Surely Ianto could surprise us all in a different way. I'd like to see/hear him sing an angsty/sexy ballad. Maybe something a bit like Isaak's "Wicked Game". He'd need to 'reveal' that he knows that Jack loves Gwen more than he loves him, but that he just needs to belong to someone. Poor eye candy! (He could belong to me, but he'd have to hide in the closet when my husband is home.)

      Rose should do on classic "My fair lady" style number with Jack, or maybe with the Doctor, since there is that second class thing going on with her being human.

      Martha-something sexy where she sits on a piano.

      Tosh- Tosh should sing a punk song!
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