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    I?ve just finished season 2 on DVD. I never had the chance to watch it on tv, so I waited until someone offered me the DVD.
    But I gotta say that I?m a little disappointed. The season is very uneven and not so much because of the writing, it?s how some of the characters are written. I?ll explain more:

    What I liked: great writing, great guest-stars (ʹm thinking more of Cristina Ricci; she did an excellent job in one of the standout episodes).
    There are some episodes where the patient reflects what the character is going through,so the situation becomes more real and more interesting.
    Addison - wonderful character, very well written. From the moments she walks in, she is wonderful and she shows a lot of depth as she is constantly changing. Her and Patrick Dempsey (Derek) really work well.
    Cristina - I just love her, she is sarcastic, bitter, competitive, harsh but beneath it all, she?s very vulnerable. Watching her is a real pleasure and Sandra Oh does an amazing job.
    I also like George and Alex.

    What I don?t like: Meredith. God, she is annoying. She is whiny and self-absorbed, with no depth. She whines about her life, her father,her mother, about Derek. God, she whines about everything. And she also likes to play the victim.
    Izzie - She is very uneven, this season. She dates Alex but then breaks up with him, but a few episodes later she?s all over that and starts sleeping with him again, just for the sex. But then, Denny shows up and a couple of jokes and smiles later, she?s already in love with him and doing all sorts of crazy things to keep him alive.
    First, imo it isn?t believable. Izzie disobeys co-workers and chiefs and starts acting really crazy. And even more crazy is that the other interns help her get away with it and she still believes she made the right thing. I don?t know what was going on with the writers because they did a bad job with Izzie and Meredith.So these are some of my thoughts on season 2.
    Am I crazy ot does someone else feel this season is very uneven?

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    I think I kind of agree with you on some level. The Izzie/Denny thing was just so annoying for me. I just kept thinking 'hurry up and die already' so things can get back to normal. Horrid I know but it really was a disapointing plot.
    I think perhaps its because it was preceded by the mid season episodes 'It's The End Of The World' and 'As we Know It' which in my opinion were the two greatest episodes of the entire series. I am a DVD watcher too, I much prefer to be able to just watch something from start to finish with no cliff hanger week in between and watching those two episodes really had me gripped!
    I have to agree that Meredith is a non stop whine but I can suppose I can see the purpose of it. She is the doc with the most to prove yet. She works in the Shadow of her 'best surgeon ever' mom, whom she is learning is so very far from the perfect person she and everyone else thinks she is. She also has to carry the knowledge that the chief who is her ultimate boss was banging her mom. She was dumped by McDreamy, that would be enough to make anyone depressed!

    I like Addison I do but I didn't think she needed to be as harsh on Izzie in the episode with the quins , I always saw that being more a Bailey kind of thing and Bailey was definitely becoming less scary as the series went on. I suppose they had to soften her a bit so that all of the Denny/Izzie mess could go ahead.

    I am hoping its just a glitch and season 3 will be better!



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      You haven?t seen season 3 yet?
      And what do you think of season 1?

      You?re right, those two episodes you mentioned are one of the best ones and Cristina Ricci does a great job in it.
      I don?t know but Meredith doesn?t appeal to me as much as other characters do. Frankly, I like Addison and Derek than Derek and Meredith.


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        First post here...

        And it's in the Grey's Anatomy thread.

        I loved Season two of Grey's Anatomy. Sure, the season does have its flaws-- the aforementioned Meredith whining, amongst other things-- but the good acting, and enjoyable story lines more than make up for it.

        I particularly enjoyed Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington's chemistry (in retrospect, Isaiah should have kept his f******* gob shut, but man how I miss Burke...).

        I thought Meredith's longing for Derek was romantic, as I rooted for her to get back with Derek as well.

        The only thing about the season that I disliked was the Alex/Izzie story line, as I've never been too keen on their relationship.

        Season two was the best season of Grey's, and I have become nostalgic for it--as it was considerably better than the current season of (this show.)

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          Season 2 is the definite high point of the series, for me.

          And Alex/Izzie? I happen to like it a lot actually.

          And Meredith? Also agree that she is annoying as hell. And Ellen Pompeo is not very attractive on the show, imo, but when I see her ion photohsoots and candids, she looks really pretty. Maybe the scrubs don't do anything for her/ I don't know. But yeah...not a big Meredith fan. This is just one of many series that I happen to like the main character the least...or close to.
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            Also love season 2 (am actually re-watching it at the moment - well, not *this* moment, but you get my drift). And I don't see why everybody's againts Mer?! Seriously (one of my favourite expressions... wonder why?), she's funny in this season and others. Granted, she can be a bit slow on the emotional front (denial is her best friend...). However, I really enjoyed the Mer/Der/Addie arch and it wouldn't have been a Mer/Der/Addie arch is Mer hadn't been there

            On the other hand, my favourite part of season two is Christina/Burke. I love their chemistry and the way both of their charcters get to evolve and mature within the relationship. Especially Christina makes some enormous emotional steps! One of my favourite scenes from the entire season is in Deny, Deny, Deny when Christina is sobbing away in the hospital bed and Burke - despite Christina's mothers "she doesn't want to be touched" - lays down with her and comforts her. It's just so romantic (and I'm a cynical na?ve romantic...) ^^

            The parts of season two that just makes me go "oh no, not this..." when re-watching are usualy parts that involve Izzie and/or George. Izzie's too emotional and (like someone mentioned earlier) un-even. I really don't like her relationship with Denny, it's just boring - nothing really *happens* (except the whole dying thing...). I liked her better with Alex - more of the "forbidden fruit" thing going on. Furthermore, I think Izzie's one of the few good things that ever happened to Alex and then she gives up on him when she meets Denny. A desition that I think prohibited Alex's emotional growth for quite some time...

            George is just plain boring. Seriously, he's the one character that never does anything unexpected! It's just not fun to watch. You know he's gonna get into a situation, go around moping about it for a while before finally getting the guts to have an outburts on whatever/whoever it is that's bugging him. Then, everybody're gonna go all "oh, we didn't know you felt like that, you must be right, thank you for your outburst" or whatever...


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              I don?t hate Meredith. She still has sweet moments, but for the most part I really dislike her. She always has that face, like she?s all innocent and the rest of them screw up but they are all to blame, except her. She acts like it?s not her fault she screws up.

              Does anyone have season 3 already on DVD?