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Favourite Who eps - the story so far.

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  • Favourite Who eps - the story so far.

    I'm just doing a Who season 1 rewatch at the moment to get me fully in the mood for season 4's start on Saturday.

    It got me to thinking of all the great eps wev've had, right from the start. Hence this thread,. What do we think the best eps are from the first three seasons, which have grabbed your imagination? Which have tugged on your heart strings? Which have left you whooping at the telly like an idiot (just me then?).

    I suppose it's only fair I start:

    Season 1

    For me there are three outstanding eps from season 1. Theres the heartbreaking sadness of Fathers Day which manages to combine a great bit of timey-wimey stuff with a truly emotional story line. The quiet understated dignity of Pete Tyler and Rose's acceptance of what must be are just wonderfully done (especially considering it was Billies first major role) and truly tragic in a way that really brings a tear to the eye

    Then, leading straight on from that we have the two parter The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances which resonates with atmosphere and has a truly, truly creepy creature feature. Let's not forget that this is also the ep that gave the world Captain Jack Harkness (third TW member of the season) and the interactions between Nine, Rose and Jack are a real joy to behold. Again though just when your enjoying this joyous triangle and fully creeped out by gas masked zombie-people asking if you're their mummy the latter ep thows yet another dollop of heartbreak in there. I mean who can't have been totally moved by that young girl's plight and how true did it ring that this was the kind of situation (sans alien microbey thingies) that really did occur in those dark days. Superb.

    Season Two

    Again i'm going to start with a dollop of heartbreak, namely The Girl in the Fireplace (I'm a soppy sod). Who does historical well though and once again the concept behind the story is fascinating enough on it's own. Add a horse in a spaceship and the tragic time torn romace between the Doctor and Reinette and your getting close to perfection. I also really like the bad guys in this one too. There's something about the clockwork robots that seems even more lifeless than fully contained robot and even more creepy too. Their aim is so alien that it adds to this really well.

    And again the second choice is a two parter (I know i'm cheating.) The Impossible Planet/ The Satan pit This ep is a real contrast to the one just mentioned although again I really love the bad guys (the Ood are destined to enter the Who hall of fame i reckon). But whereas my first choice give us epic romance in 18th century France this wonderful duo gives us heart pulsing action in the depths of space. I think sometimes the Doctor is at his best when stripped of some of his toys and being trapped without the T.A.R.D.I.S. certainly gives these eps another dimension. The religious overtones and nature of the big bad in these eps also adds to the tension. Is it really..? could it be..? It's never really cleared up but it certainly adds a certain something . I think though more than anything else it's the sense of claustrophobia that permeates these eps that creates a lot of the tension. Again the ending is fantastic.

    Season Three

    Well to break with format i'm going to name a two parter as my first choice. That two parter would be Human Nature/Family of Blood These two eps do something that i think Who is very good at which is exploring it's own central conceits in new and interesting ways. The Doctor is special because he's a time travelling alien who could potentially live forever.. but what if he wasn't? David Tennant is magnificent in these two eps playing two different characters who are really versions of the same person to absolute perfection. The subtlety of it is such that you never doubt John Smith once whilst watching but you never completely lose the Doctor either. If this were a film he'd deserve an oscar. Juliet Stevenson is almost equally magnificent though as Nurse Redfern; her nobility and unflappable English reserve just flapping enough to reveal a huge amount of emotion. I also love the setting in these eps, the sense of the 'innocent' pre-war days with it's class distinctions and institutionalised sexism and racism and the whole disruption of this idyll is really well conveyed. I love the battle scene with the hymn playing over it. Very evocative, very powerful.

    My second choice for season three is, i think, a complete no-brainer. Blink is quite simply one of the best 45 minutes of television i've seen. The large absence of the Doctor himself might be a problem in other circumstances but Sally Sparrow steps forward as one of the outstanding characters in new Who. There's so much timey-wimey stuff and pardoxes going on that it's impossible to go through them without serious head spin occuring but it all works, it all comes together wonderfully (especially the DVD). Then you have the Weeping Angels, a wonderfully original villain who are genuinely scary (especially for a tea time show!). The bit where they rock the T.A.R.D.I.S. is really unsettling. The way the Doctor defeats them is ingenious and leaves you pouring back trhough the ep to see if it actually works , which it does. Then of course there's that last little montage. Dont have nightmares kiddies.

    So that's my twopenneth what about you?
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