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The Guild: Created by Buffy's Felicia Day

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  • The Guild: Created by Buffy's Felicia Day

    Hey, have you guys seen "The Guild" on YouTube? It's starring/created/written byFelicia Day (aka Vi from season 7). I came across it when I was looking at the YouTube Award Winners and saw that this show called "The Guild" won best show. I checked it out and was surprised when Felicia popped on screen. I had to check the credits to make sure it was her, and sure enough it was!

    So far there eight 2-5 minute episodes about group of people that participate in those games where you play with/against people around the world (I never understood that concept), but anyhow I'm in love with it! Felicia's writing is pretty damn witty. A little Joss-esque even.

    Here's the link!

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    Wow, I just watched the first episdoe for this. This show is amazing. It has all the persona's of a group of gamers. The older nice leader kinda guy, the younger gung-ho girl, the mother gamer, the perverted yet hilarious guy, the stalker, and the main character, who isn't really a specific persona. Vi was my favorite potential in Buffy, and she's clearly retained her Vi-ness. I think they should send this to a network, it would be a great addition to one, and they're always looking for these indie-esque shows, like The Office, and My Name is Earl, and Scrubs.