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Gossip Girl: Paley Fest News (Spoilers)

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  • Gossip Girl: Paley Fest News (Spoilers)

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    Firstly, my post contains some spoilers, so beware.

    It's sad to see Nan Zhang leave. Kati and Isabel were pretty inseparable. Hopefully, this means Isabel will get a little bit more to do now. I wonder how they'll explain her absence?

    I'm very glad Jessica's role is expanding, I am one of the few who actually like Vanessa, so I'm happy she'll be doing more than being apart of a love triangle. She's obviously a major character, so they can't just write her off.

    A season finale wedding? As long as Dan doesn't get Vanessa pregnant and leave with her, causing Serena to drink even more. Followed by Chuck running away leaving Blair heartbroken until the Fourth of July when she hooks up with someone new. Oh, wait, that's Josh Schwartz's last teen drama. Thinking about it, I totally know who's get married. If I'm right, the show will most likely be getting a new male character, or two counting the groom.

    I felt so bad for Taylor Momsen. When the writer of the books was discussing how Jenny has huge breast in the book, she said something about how it looks like Taylor hasn't gone through puberty yet. It was kind of mean. Props to Jessica Szohr, who's arm I saw reach out to Taylor after she said it.
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