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The Wire: " it's the sh*t that happens while you wait for moments that never come"

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  • The Wire: " it's the sh*t that happens while you wait for moments that never come"

    There must be some Wire fans on here somewhere, right? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

    I'm watching season 3 at the moment, and this stuff just keeps getting better. There's a poetry to the thing, a rhythm to the language, and the show has a way of letting events grow and flow naturally, not signposting them - "this is significant" - or holding your hand, narratively speaking. I find myself sometimes not realising that something's important til half an hour or half a season later. There's no dramatic music telling you "cry now" or "look, climax!". Which makes the rises and falls all the more powerful when they come.

    Some favourite characters...well, McNulty, for being a dolt. Bubble, for still having charm in spite of being as on his uppers as anyone can be and still seem human...Keema, though I'm not sure how you spell her name cos I haven't written it much...Kima?...cos it's not often you get to see working class lesbians who don't just sit around discussing their lesbiciousness (TM stephen Fry ) but just get on with being in the world...Omar, for whistling up a storm and generally being awesome. Stringer, for being hot and dangerous, but also somehow incredibly nerdy (his economics classes and his glasses). And for having a dry wit when you least expect it. Still confuses me that the actor's English though.

    Actually, I can't even begin to list all the characters I love on the show, there's a whole pantheon of them, the good, the bad, the between...actually, they're all between.

    And poor Prez. Never has any luck that man.

    So, anyone else enjoy the Wire? Want to talk?

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --