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  • iTunes Tuesday

    It's a little late, but thought I would post anyway. Tuesday, June 12, is iTunes Tuesday, where Veronica Mars fans are encouraged to download the last episode, the Bitch is Back, in a last ditch effort to show fan support for a fourth season, movie, comic book, or any other continuation of the story. Supposedly, Bitch is Back wasn't even on iTunes top 100 on monday, but tuesday, it's up to number 19. So if you want, download Bitch is Back, even if it's not still Tuesday.

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    I just did it!! I figure any little bit helps!

    I'm glad you heard of this fan centered show of support. I wasn't the happiest with Season 3, but I don't think the show deserved to be canceled. I really hope for some type of VM reprieve. Mid-season replacement, spinoff, or movie would all be awesome. VM deserves another chance to shine!

    Thanks for posting this!

    Lydia made the punch!


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      Closing this thread now because june 12 is long gone