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7.12 "Fracture"

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  • 7.12 "Fracture"

    According to TitanTV, episode 7.12 will air on Valentine's Day....


    Lois trails Lex to Detroit, where he has found Kara suffering from amnesia. A busboy (Corey Sevier) obsessed with Kara shoots Lex so he can't take her away, and holds Kara and Lois captive. Chloe finds Lex and offers to heal him, but Clark will not let her.

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    Wow! Was this a great episode or what? Not only was it very Lex/Clex-centric, it was also one of the most original SV episodes ever IMO. I loved the whole Clark walking around in Lex's mind thing, that was beyond cool.

    Adult bad Lex wanting to kill the child good Lex inside of him came as no surprise but it was nice to see how it played out on screen. I loved how child Lex, representing the good side of Lex, called Clark his best friend. Clark's reaction to that, his beautiful smile that showed pure happiness, demonstrated once again how much Clark must miss their friendship even if he doesn't admit it. I thought it was great that Clark got to access Lex's memories of his childhood and got to experience first-hand what a horrible father Lionel truly was, how Lionel was both verbally and physically violent towards Lex and Lex's mother. Clark was clearly shocked by this, I guess he never really understood before what it must have been like for Lex to grow up in the Luthor mansion. Also, the self-loathing that adult Lex has for his younger, good side is quite frightening, showing once again what a complex character Lex is and reminding me once again why I love him!

    Adult Lex then showing his bad side again and showing Clark how he had sex with Lana was truly cruel and even though I don't give a crap about Clana I felt sorry for Clark in that scene. I also have to add that that scene was beautifully shot though.

    My favourite scene was the one between Clark and young Lex shortly before Clark goes through the red door and leaves Lex's mind. That whole dialogue made me squee:

    Clark: "Promise me that we will see each other again."
    Alexander: "I promise, Clark."
    Clark: "Promise me this too: that you will never stop fighting. You're stronger than you think."
    Alexander: "How do you know?"
    Clark: "Because you are my friend and now I know you're here, I will keep an eye out for you. I'll always be here for you."

    I nearly died from the Clexy goodness of it all!

    Chloe was also awesome in this episode, as usual! I loved that she saved Lex with her healing powers because his death meant that Clark would be lost forever too. The fact that she stayed dead that much longer than the last time is worrying though, there's no telling what will happen the next time she uses her powers. I loved seeing her struggle with her gift, that was believably played by AM.

    I also enjoyed the chemistry between Lex and Kara in the last scene, even if Lex of course has ulterior motives for his helping Kara getting her memory back.

    So on the whole, I thought this was one of the best SV episodes I have seen in a long while. I was gripped throughout the entire episode and the focus on Lex/Clex made me squee.