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Professor from "Girl in the Fridge" based on Real Life!

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  • Professor from "Girl in the Fridge" based on Real Life!

    So remember that old Northwestern adviser/professor Brennan had slept with who reappeared in "The Girl in the Fridge" and resumed their affair, but turned out to be working the defense's side and was jealous of her?

    Well I was talking to a friend in the Northwestern Anthropology Department, and apparently this was based on Kathy Reich's actual experiences--she did receive her Ph.D at Northwestern in Anthropology, and she did sleep with her adviser there! Needless to say he doesn't work there anymore, and they don't like to talk about it too much....but yeah, I found that tidbit to be pretty interesting! A fan of the books told me that part isn't from the books, so as a producer of the show Reichs must have suggested it for that epp....

    So yeah, thought I'd share that bit of background on that epp!
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    Well that's interesting! But not very surprising. I find a lot of crime shows tend to have some of the cases yanked from actual events. But this instance certainly does have a personal edge on it! Very personal.

    Thanks for sharing!
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