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Little Mosque on the Prairie

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  • Little Mosque on the Prairie

    Anyone watches this show? It's about the Muslims living in a fictional small town in Canada called Mercy.

    Muslim Characters:

    Amaar: The young Imam, former lawyer.

    Rayyan: A young doctor, and a Muslim feminist.

    Yaser: Rayyan's father, has a construction company.

    Sarah: Rayyan's mother, converted to Islam for her husband.

    Baber: A professor, former Imam, very religious.

    Layla: Baber's daughter, in high school, doesn't wear the hijab.

    Fatimah: She has her own diner, very religious.

    Non-Muslim Characters:

    Rev. Magee: the priest, he houses the mosque in his Church

    The Mayor: A she-mayor as Fred says, she supports Muslims to get their vote.

    Fred Tupper: the host of a talk show on the local radio station, also a bigot

    For more info, go here:
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