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  • Signe
    Originally posted by BlasterBoy View Post
    only beat by "Judas On A Pole"'s Placebo song.
    Agree, that song was perfect!

    Now, for my fave episodes I think I have to go with "The Man in the Morgue". It's funny, a bit scary and really had me on the edge of my seat wondering who'd done it and how to get Brennan off the hook. Also, (as I said in another post about my fave epi) I love it when Brennan compares Jesus to a zombie to which Booth screams "Jesus is *not* a zombie!". Funny ^^

    Furthermore, I love The Girls in the Gator. He shot a clown. I dunno what it is about me and clowns, but I love just about every time they're in a TV-show - whether they're evil or just the object of gunfire I absolutley adore Booth's therapist - I was sooo happy when he returned!

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  • BlasterBoy
    started a topic Favorite Episode(s)

    Favorite Episode(s)

    If you can't choose or want to mention a few, I put the (s) at the end.

    For me, it's "Aliens In A Spaceship", by far. Firstly, the GraveDigger storyline is amazing and I loved how they left it hanging. I'm just really, really hoping they bring it up again. On a special, "Sneak peek of Season 3" DVD I got it said that they were thinking about the Gravedigger, here's hoping they bring it up. Secondly, the Brennan/Booth relationship is at it's height here. I mean, Booth's determination to get Brennan and threatening to kill the author is just chilling. I also loved all their reasoning and just everything. The message from Hodgins was great when they were trying to figure it out. My favorite scene of Bones now (and probably forever) is when Brennan and Hodgins set the explosive, Booth and co. sees it, and Booth runs down the hill in slow motion as "A Light On The Hill" plays. Truly amazing. I love DB's acting there and it looks amazing and sounds amazing and is just...amazing. The over head shot of Booth pulling Brennan to safety and the Squints digging at the same time for Hodgins is probably my favorite shot of the show. Also, the use of music here is the second best, only beat by "Judas On A Pole"'s Placebo song.

    LOVE IT.

    Now, you.