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Favorite Non-Jossverse Episodes On Television

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  • Favorite Non-Jossverse Episodes On Television

    Yes. I mean, evah. On TV. Other than Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. It's a bitch, right? Well, I'm gonna give ya a few, because there is no way in hell I'm choosing just one. And, make sure to specify the show

    Veronica Mars 2.22 "Not Pictured" - I don't want to spoil you guys much, so I'll just say that it wrapped a season long mystery perfectly with deaths, ZOMGajklfdDjklJFDkl acting by Kristen Bell, a huge HUGE shocker, and other amazing stuff including dream sequences and other goodies. It's one of my favorites evah.

    Bones 2.09 "Aliens In A Spaceship" - One of the best stories ever in an episode. The Gravedigger was a perfect villain and this episode really shows you that the show isn't all about crime. They don't even catch the criminal! :eek: Like, that's amazing. The rescue scene is one of my favorite scenes ever (remind me to start that one up ) and the show is great. I, all around, love this episode.

    Supernatural 2.14 "Born Under A Bad Sign" - Jared Padelecki CAN act! :eek: I love, love, love the Meg!possessed demon coming back and possessing Sam! The coming together of everything is amazing and I love seeing Alona Tal again! (fabulous actress) I don't know. It's just my favorite SN episode and one of my favorites.

    Smallville 4.22 "Commencement" - A perfect SV episode. The action is fabulous, as is all the wrapping up. I loved everything happening at once and the countdown to the meteor shower is fantastic. The graduation is great, especially with the intrusion by the military Lois is, once again, a fantastic character and the storylines, finally, all make sense. And, it all wraps up in perfect Smallville style. Three cliffhangers. I think that's enough to send you plunging into the fifth season.

    Alias 2.13 "Phase One" - Great end to SD-6. I love how it ended with TWO twists! Like, wow! Sloane's twist and then Francie's! I was just gasping at how amazing it was. The takedown and then kiss is one of my favorite scenes ever and I love the whole damn thing.

    Alias 2.22 "The Telling" - Perfect end to one of the best seasons ever. Irina just, basically, kicks ass and the Francie vs. Sydney scene is one of the best fights evah. All the wrapping up, all the clues, all the fights, all the drama, and basically, all of it, rules.

    Um....if I think of anymore that compete with these, I'll tell ya. But, for now, that's it. I have like ten more for VM but I don't know if they can compete. Now....yours?

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    Wow. I might have to out down a few and then come back and make another post with more. Because, wow. Tough! And it would take sooooo long to sit here and think of them all! :eek:

    24: Day 3: 6:00 A.M.-7:00 A.M.. Don't read, Ben! Spoiler for you! But dude, this episode is sooo intense and it has one of the most riveting scene of any series I have ever scene. The whole scene in the train yard with Jack and Chappelle and the gun and the "let me do it!" This scene gives me chills and actually makes me cry. Chappelle isn't really a likable character and then you see this scene

    Alias: Double Agent. Ethan Hawke was great! And this episode is a big one in the mythology of Alias, imo. It's so interesting and I don't know what else to write about it. But me likey!

    Law & Order: Bodies. Creepy serial killer. Ambitious young defense attorney in over his head. And what happens next....well, the attorney finds himself on trial instead!

    The Practice: Liberty Bells. This was a fantastic series! And this is probably my fave episode because it made me cry buckets of tears! In it, one of the attorneys is attempting to get a convicted murderer out of prison because he is in there wrongly as she believes he did not commit the crime. But she comes across so many hardships along the way. Evidence was lost and then found, only to be ignored by the court. She has to ask for a body to be exhumed and she must ask the victim's family in order to do it. And the prosecutor is all gung-ho to keep this guy in prison even though the evidence is overwhelmingly suggesting the man is innocent. And the scene that gets me is the end. She makes he arguments to the judge and he is this old man. And her speech is so eloquent and haunting and moving! And when the judge returns with his ruling, he essentially says that he legally has no precedence to overturn the conviction. But he says he doesn't care and will do it anyway because he is an old man and doesn't want one of the last things he does to be something he thinks is unjust. Anyway...rambling. SUCH a great episode. Wow!

    That's enough for now! I have to get ready to take baby to a doctor's appointment!
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      Well, one I can think of at the moment would be Alias 1:01 Truth Be Told. As pilots go, this one was the best I think ever made. It captivated the audience completely and was an excellent story and introduced the series in a very (at the time) unique way by the skip-time method. I honestly cannot think of a better series pilot.

      La Femme Nikita 2:01 Hard Landing. Probably one of my favorite LFN episodes of all time, and a big fan-favorite as well...for those who have never seen the series, I won't spoil...
      but it was a great start to season 2 with Michael finally showing his true feelings for Nikita, unable to keep them in any longer once he realized she'd been alive all of that time. And then at the end going back to true Michael form was just so classic - and it set up the first 4 episode arc so well with Jurgen. Probably my favorite arc of the series as well.

      I'm sure I'll come up with others later, but those two just popped into my head at the moment...
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        There are so many!!! How will I be able to choose? Some of mine are...

        Supernatural 1x17 Hell House Hilarious! I can see this again and again. I love it so much I think it's one of the epis that really show how good chemistry Padalecki and Ackles have.

        Bones 1x19 Man in the Mourgue "Jesus is not a zombie!" Best discussion ever between B/B if you as me It's such a fun episode (do you notice a patter here?) and it shows how much Booth really cares for Brennan.

        Gilmore Girls (s1) That Damn Donna Reed - Again, hilarious! I love it when she dresses up as Donna Reed, the look on Dean's face it just so great And, it is an important discussion, I for one is against women only being home and not really "working" (it may be hard keeping a home running, but they don't get payed do they?)

        Grey's Anatomy 2x04 Deny, Deny, Deny - Why do I only like the funny episodes? Christina's my fave character and I love her in this epi. "Somebody sedate me!" - best reaction ever on crying ^^

        Veronica Mars 2x17 Plan B - I love Logan and Gina's conversation before Veronica (very smoothly) cuts it off...

        So yeah, I like the funny episodes. Not much for the touchy feely moments.