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Who's redeemable? Spoilers up to 2.09

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  • Who's redeemable? Spoilers up to 2.09

    Just a thought- there are so many characters on this show and so many of them have different agendas, making it very hard to split into the typical black and white ficticious world which sees characters divided into 'good' and 'bad'.

    So, who's redeemable? Who's good, who's bad, who falls somewhere in the middle and who has the right motives but the wrong info?

    I think Peter has the right motives but the wrong info... and I'm not sure, but I'm still hanging for Sylar's redemption... am I insane?

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    Sylar shows no consciousness that his acts are wrong, so he can't even approach the premise of forgiveness or redemption for them. He *enjoys* what he is and gets a sense of becoming from what he does.

    Peter, on the other hand, is on the wrong side of this because he's been deceived and misled -- given the full understanding of what Hiro knows about him, I have no doubt that he would turn on Adam.
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      The thing I wonder about Sylar... the whole concept of the show is so blurry on good and evil. So it somehow doesn't fit that Sylar is simply evil. Full stop. Nothing more.

      And I get that he's part of the twins' storyline (or they're part of his) BUT with so many new concepts introduced- the nightmare man, Parkman's path to becoming another nightmare man, Mohinder's shades of grey that are so varied he's practically a rainbow, the Hiro v. Adam/Kensai thingy... where are they going with Sylar?

      They had the 'simplistically and intrinsically evil character must be stopped' storyline last season, they could very easily have killed him off at the end when all the heroes thought he was dead...

      As an aside, I noticed only last night that the music that accompanies Sylar's evil is clock ticking like... fun!


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        I don't think Sylar wants redemption, he likes being evil and he is in love with his powers which he only has because he is evil.
        I also hope he stays evil, I'm not in for the fluffy story about him and Maya being a couple and she makes him good. Sylar wants power, and I like him that way.

        Adam is also too far gone I guess. I haven't seen enough of him, but I have the feeling he is just as evil as Sylar.

        I think the most others have a chance for redemption. Matt who went too far two episode ago, Peter who is confused, Mohinder who is acting naive and stupid etc.

        But father!Parkman isn't sweet either, locking you own son up in his biggest nighmare.


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          Originally posted by Veverka View Post
          As an aside, I noticed only last night that the music that accompanies Sylar's evil is clock ticking like... fun!
          Oh, Oh! I noticed that too. I'm thinking time until he
          gets his powers back.

          I believe that Syler is just a twisted amoral guy who just wants to kill people and get more powerfull.

          Adam, on the other hand is more complex to me. He really does seem to believe that what he is doing is for the greater good (I believed he said something about overpopulation, people growing stagnent etc.) and as such doesn't have anything to be redeemed for, he just needs to be taught that what he is doing is wrong, though killing him would probably be easier and less likely to come back on others.
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            I wish he was redeemable, because I find villains with no hope of becoming good at all really boring. And it just seems to be that way so far.. unless they are playing around with a relationship with Maya, not sure how that would play out.
            Thought it was cool that he was back, but then he seems just to be going down the same road.