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2.09 "Cautionary Tales" Spoiler Discussion Thread

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  • 2.09 "Cautionary Tales" Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Wow, just wow. Best episode of the season, we're talking "Company Man" good here.

    First, Bennett is really just a fascinating character with his love and obsession. I love that he knew Elle, and he did a great job getting under her skin. He spared Mohinder only to have Mohinder turn around and kill him.

    Well, sorta kill him. I don't want him dead, but in a way I'm disappointed that they copped out -- they had this huge, gutwrenching cinematic moment built around it, and then Claire's out of earshot scene with Sandra telling her that he was dead. And then they just brought him back. But, bonus points for me for expecting exactly what was going to happen during the scene itself

    Great episode for Elle... she clearly heard what Bennett was saying, realizing the truth in how she's been exploited. She may want to get her life under her own control... not sure if it's in time for her not to be insane, though. And she still has things to answer for. But she is a complete badass, and I love it. Great trap for her by Bennett, though!

    You know who stepped up a LOT in this episode? Stalker boy. Stalker boy has redeemed himself a good bit -- not only for confronting Bennett, but also for saddling up and going with him to help Bennett get Claire back.

    Matt and Mohinder are off the reservation for me. Mohinder knows enough to have not sided with the Company, and he did anyway. And Matt? Screw you, Matt -- Angela was right, you *are* Maury now.

    The stuff with Hiro and Kaito was so poignant... especially young Hiro making the light go on for adult Hiro with the childlike naivete. Their scene together was so emotionally beautiful. And, confirmation of what we were suspecting -- Adam/Kensei *is* the killer. And Hiro knows it. His name is Hiro Nakamura, Adam -- you kill his father. Prepare to die.

    Oh, it's ON!
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    I love November Sweeps....officially.

    So, this episode ruled all. Heroes is back, my friends, and it's back with a bang! Noah is my favorite character and I'm mad that they copped out of killing him, but glad he's not dead. I would have loved if Noah killed Bob! So much good stuff would've happened. Remorse, fall of the company, and Elle's revenge!

    Speaking of Elle, she's amazing. Kristen Bell is superb and guess what? This rule isn't just ass-kicking fun! Did you see the hostage scene where Noah got under her skin? Woah! That was amazing.

    Claire is stupid, but whatever. West was better than her in this episode :eek:

    There's not much else to say. This episode, officially, ruled. I love it.


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      Wow! This was truly a fantastic episode on so many levels!

      I officially love Noah Bennett! He was just so great in this episode, his character has so many layers. He can switch from protective dad to scary badass within one second and it makes perfect sense. So even if his not dying was a cop out by the show, I'm still glad that he is alive because I want to see more Noah storylines on the show. How cool is it that he knew Elle and that he is so protective of Claire because he never wanted her to turn into Elle? The Elle torture scene with Noah telling her about her past and his badass line about it stinging like a bitch (or something along those lines) was so good. I also loved how KB played that scene, first full of righteous anger and then starting to doubt her past and really listening to Noah Bennett.

      Speaking of KB: I just adore her as Elle! She does not remind me of Veronica Mars at all because the roles are so different and also the way KB plays Elle is so different. So far she played her as a crazy badass chick who also has this child-like qualities. In this week's episode, we saw her add a layer of vulnerability to it and I for one am beyond psyched to see where she will go with that and how Elle will deal with her father's betrayal in the future. Will she leave the Company and her dad and fight on the side of good against the Company? Or will she stay but somehow have her revenge on her dad? It's gonna be interesting to see where the writers will take her next.

      I have to agree with Dan, West really redeemed himself in this episode, with confronting Noah and then later on helping out to save Claire. Man, he even started bonding with Noah Bennett over cars!

      What I really loved about this episode was how it dealt with fathers and their children on different levels. We have Bob and Elle whose relationship is on shaky grounds now. We have Noah and Claire whose relationship in this episode was full of anger, then realisation and love and in the end grief. We have Matt who has really turned into his father, taking away that memory from Angela Petrelli against her will. And we have Hiro and Kaito who got to say goodbye to each other. Hiro is usually used as comic relief on Heroes so I thought it was very refreshing to see him in an episode where he conveyed real emotion. The Hiro/Kaito scenes really moved me, they were beautifully done and for once I cannot complain about the Hiro scenes at all.

      So Adam/Kensei is the killer. No real shock or surprise there but I'm glad that Hiro now knows who the killer is and will try to avenge his father.

      Oh and Mohinder? I never really liked him but I'm officially done with him now. What the hell was he thinking? Does he really think that Niki would approve of him killing people just to get Claire's blood and thereby curing her? I don't think so.

      So all in all, a truly excellent episode! After a mediocre start, season 2 of Heroes has gotten so good and I'm completely hooked now!


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        Originally posted by Cori View Post
        Oh and Mohinder? I never really liked him but I'm officially done with him now. What the hell was he thinking? Does he really think that Niki would approve of him killing people just to get Claire's blood and thereby curing her? I don't think so.
        I wouldn't of thought so usually either but i'm still not entirely sure what's going on with nikki at the moment, I think her loyalty lies almost entirely with Bob (except Micah being top obviously) who I am really not trusting at all.

        Man that was great, the first half was of the same quality of 2x01 and 2x02 but the second half was just so good.

        Even if it was him that put the blood into Bennet (more below) he is still in so much trouble later on, I can't see him redeeming himself from that.

        West however has totally redeemed himself, I just thought that he was the creepy, poorman's zach but he's proven himself I suppose.

        Elle in the car at the end was looking far too thoughtfull for Bob's good. Again great acting by KB.
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          I know someone commented on it in another thread, but this episode really got me thinking about the connection between the parents and the kids with powers on this show. As it stands we know that not only does Parkman have his dad's abilities but he is beginning to take after him; however most of the others have different powers from their parents. Anyway, I sort of realized that both Peter & Nathan's parents were supposed to have powers, both of Claire's parents had powers, both of Micah's parents had powers. Perhaps if just one parent has a power (s)he passes it on to their child - but, if two parents have powers then the genes combine to give a whole new power? This was just the theory I kind of came up with, it's been bugging me quite a bit. We don't really know anything about Hiro's mother, or what his father's power was, nor do we know anything about Elle's mother... but this was all I could come up with, heh.

          And now that my random theory is over with... this episode kicked ass. I really loved it, and am seriously enjoying series two now and really don't want it to end after 11 episodes, :'(

          Bennet has always been one of my favourite characters, and I just loved the way this episode brought us through his fights with Claire, and his past merging into the present and becoming an obstacle for the whole family, I especially loved his scenes with Elle and Mohinder, the way he dealt with them, and even hiw attitude to West; there's just so much about his character that I adore - but I did feel the ending was kind of obvious, they had been kind of setting it up for the 'healing' and I knew we hadn't seen the last of Bennet,

          Kristen Bell is truly awesome in this part. If I thought she was purely made for Veronica Mars, I was wrong, I hadn't even considered her in a part like this, it's so endearing to see Kristen as a bad-ass psycho girl with the morals of a caged beast let loose, along with her sexual nature seeping out in her every flirtatious move. There is nothing about this character that reminds me of Veronica Mars when I watch her, she just seems to live the part. I love her.

          Parkman, ahh... Matt. I was loving him so much this season, and now he's started down this darker path. I don't know how deep he's going to go into this, but I fear once he gets the taste for getting his way there's no going back. I guess I should have seen it coming after he saw what he could be capable from his father, but I hope that he digs himself out of this before too long. However, I do get the feeling that the closer he gets to Adam and Peter and whatever it was that they were planning, and at the same time he's using his powers for selfish gain - I think that when he finally meets them and catches Adam, instead of dealing with him, locking him in some nightmare, I reckon that Matt is going to side with Peter and Adam to take down the company, and truly become his father, using his power against Bob and the others, helping Peter and Adam. I have a feeling that they're going to work him into this plot-line, since this is the direction he is heading with both his powers and his case.

          Mohinder, Blah. He's one of those characters that's there, but I never really pay a whole lot of attention to. But this time, he just got on my nerves; I really wanted to slap him. Of all the people that Bennet sent into the company, I can't believe it was Mohinder, now for practical reasons etc. I get it, but I think Matt would have made more sense, to have him partnered up with someone, but to be able to read minds and get information while he was in there. Ah well, too late now!

          Claire & West... well, I have to say, up until now I've had the Piz-factor with West. Not that I'm comparing Claire to VM... but I am comparing West to Piz... he's this guy that shows up, clearly has a thing for Claire, and everytime I see him, I just want to slap him. This episode... I didn't really want to slap him, it was nice to see he'd kind of grown a pair, and gone after Bennet himself. As for Claire, she was... well... Claire.

          I have to say that two characters in this series that I think are totally under-rated are Sandra Bennet and Angela Petrelli, every time they come on screen, they have such powerful performances, and although more 'background characters' than anything else, they have fabulous side-stories and connections to some of our main characters, and really drive the stories home. The scene with Angela and Matt was so compelling to me, to see her struggling so much against him, that it practically broke her, her performance just made his foray into the darkness so much more poignant for me. Similarly Sandra's performances around the Bennet house throughout the episode, really kicked Claire's ass, her distrust of her husband was so beautifully portrayed, and that solemn moment as she held his hand struggling to decide how to move forward from this situation was far more powerful than any scene Claire ever did. But that's just my opinion.

          Anyway, loved the episode, it was awesome! And great to see an episode without the incest-twins in it again (that by the way is my new nick-name for the twins, they really creep me out with how close they are, it's not natural).

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            Well Australia has just seen this episode.....
            Guys, is there still another episode for you? Because Channel 7 has it in thier heads that this ios the season finale of Hereos (And could confuse anyone when talk of season 2 is still going on next yeae ands hey think it's s3). I understand the Christmas break, bujt obivously 7 couldn't say Christmas break or Summer break...

            Anyways, this episode was really good, I wonder what's gonna happen now.

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