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Strike Effect on Lost?

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  • Strike Effect on Lost?

    Hey guys, I know that Lost is starting back up later this season, and can't remember exactly when it was planned for but sometime in January if I remember rightly?

    Anyway I was just wondering if anyone knew what the effect of the strike would be on Lost? I mean... did they start filming later than other seasons given the later starting date, or have they been filming as per usual and have a few episodes filmed and ready to air as of January? Hopefully if they're filmed, like other seasons, about 9 episodes then that will give them 9 extra weeks of airing next year that other shows won't have that comfort zone of, right? So hopefully if the strike is resolved then it won't be affected as much?

    This is just purely my speculation, I have no real idea of what is happening with Lost, or the strike for that matter, and was just wondering if anyone had any further info on the show.

    Thanks guys!
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    I think I read that they have 7 or 8 episodes ready, so, if nothing changes with the strike, ABC will run out of episodes for "Lost" in late March or early April.
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      They have 8 episodes that will be ready for when February 2008 rolls around. However, ABC's decision as to what to do about Lost is still up in the air. Their options are...

      A) Airing the 8 episodes and then going into a hiatus similar to the first 6 episodes of last season.
      B) Postpone Lost's return until Fall 2008.
      C) Postpone Lost's return until February 2009.

      The exec's of Lost are highly against option A because they feel it's unsatisfactory (episode 8 isn't intended to be a hiatus-eve-episode) and because they hated what happened with Season 3 and how the flow got disrupted - 6 episodes aired, then a long hiatus, then the show returned with continuous episodes until the finale.

      So now I believe it's all coming down to what ABC wants to do. I have a feeling they'll do the November 2008 option, honestly. Lost is their biggest blockbuster and by extending the hiatus between Season 3 and Season 4 to 20 months (which is the amount of time passing between Season 3's finale and the Season 4 premier if they move it to February of 2009)'ll be horrible. Not only for the fans but also for the network because they won't be making as much money since their blockbuster is on the bench.

      This is all if the strike persists, of course. If it ends before February 2008, I think they exec's said they'd go into production and finish out the season. But I'm not sure.

      Whatever the case may be, Lost's situation sucks.
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        Yeah, this is the one that has me the most upset. There is a long wait between May and February. Seriously, it's nearly a year's wait for new episodes. The thought of having to wait even longer. Possibly TWO years is excruciating.

        Anyway, Heather has all the info right. Personally, I would rather get at least the eight newest eps. I know it ends on a cliffhanger and isn't much and that the 6-ep arc of s3kinda sucked but I just miss my Lost so much! /overdramatic
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          Wow! I had no idea they were thinking of postponing it as far as February 2009! That is unbelievable! I understand that if the strike persists that they would need to take some action in delaying the series, but I just assumed they would air it in the Fall if it came to that, I really didn't think that they would make it that a long wait.

          But, I'm a little confused on something... say they decide to air the first 8 episodes and start in February '08, and the strike resolves in March (after 4 eps would have aired) and they go back into production of Lost... would they wind up needing to take a break after the first 8 episodes in order to let the production catch up again?

          Or is it just highly unlikely that they will begin to air the episodes until it looks like there is a resolution to the strike?

          I'm not as huge a fan of Lost as I used to be, but I still love having my weekly fix especially after the season 3 ending, I just need to know what happens next, and I don't think I'd still be interested in February '09! that just sounds like it's ages away!

          Thanks for the quick replies though anyway, I hadn't heard anything about the shows that were starting up early next year so figured I'd see if anyone knew what was going on.

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            From what I understand, is that it takes about six weeks to get an episode completed. They only shoot for eight days but all the other time they need to write the script, get the locations and the sets and all that goos stuff. And then there is post-production. So if the strike gets resolved early next year, then I expect many shows will go right back into production and turn out another five or so scripts.

            But it's anyone's guess really.

            I think they will probably air the eps in February because by that time a lot of their original programming will be close to dried up and they will want to put something new on the air..outside reality programs.

            And SayJay, here's a link to a list that tells you how many episodes the different shows will have.
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              I would be all for option A vs. not seeing LOST until 2009! I think that is just insanity!!!

              A little break seems like nothing after this 8 month drought!

              I think they will understand the extenuating circumstances and view the 8 episodes with a little break until they have the other 8 done. (In Spring 2008)

              They know LOST fans were not happy about the 8 month wait to begin with...
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                "B) Postpone Lost's return until Fall 2008.
                C) Postpone Lost's return until February 2009."


                That can't happen, it would just be about ways of killing a show. I very much would prefer to see the 8 episodes they have in february, to calm down the withdrawals a bit...and then I wouldn't mind waiting until the situation gets a resolution, and we can get new episodes. There's no way I would be ok with one of the solutions above..but I guess I have no other option then wait and see what they decide. Man, this sucks.

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