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7.07 "Wrath" Episode Discussion Thread

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  • 7.07 "Wrath" Episode Discussion Thread

    And the evil Lana plot thickens! Seriously, this was one of the best and most entertaining SV episodes of this season so far, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    In the beginning super power Lana was pretty funny but as the episode went on, she became more and more disturbing and just plain psycho. It was very entertaining to watch and I'm beyond pleased that now everybody knows that Lana is no longer a sweet innocent girl but an evil, manipulative bitca who spies on Lex! There were so many things in this ep that made me squee:

    - Chloe getting suspicious of Lana pretty early on in the ep

    - Lionel telling Clark the truth about Lana (how she held him captive)

    - Lex and Clark being united in not trusting Lana and having many intense talks with many long glances in this ep (Clex resurrected from the dead again, at least for a bit)!

    - Evil Lana kicking Lois' ass! Sorry, still not a Lois fan!

    - Clark and Chloe finding out what's really behind Lana's foundation, that she has been spying on Lex

    - The confrontation between Lex and Lana! OMG that was intense and I did totally not see that Lexana kiss coming! MR's acting in that scene and throughout the episode was flawless!

    - Lex thinking that Lana still has feelings for him because she is so obsessed with hating him. Aww poor Lex, I think he is really deluding yourself.

    - The following dialogue between Lex and Clark:

    Clark: "Lana would never have done anything like this before she'd been with you."

    Lex: "Well I wish I could take all the credit but I wasn't the first person to teach her about betrayal now, wasn't I? It's hard to face what you've created, isn't it?"

    Right on Lex, you tell him!

    - Chloe standing up to Lana towards the end and telling her in no uncertain terms that she won't allow Lana to hurt Clark. Chloe totally ruled in that scene!

    - Lana telling Clark that she just needs him to love her no matter what and Clark not saying anything! Clana is so doomed!

    The only thing that made me roll my eyes during this episode was that Clana with super powers having sex triggered mini earthquakes. That was beyond cheesy and typical of Smallville's producers' obsession with Clana.

    But other than that, I really enjoyed this episode and I'm really curious and excited to see where the show will go next.

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    Lana with Clark's powers. I really enjoyed how deranged and psychotic she became. She really figured out how to use all of Clark's powers fast, didn't she? I'm surprised she didn't somehow figure out to fly :eek: The beginnings of super Lana were funny, but I was cringing so much listening to some of that line delivery. Though, it already scared me how much Lana was NOT freaked out or shocked at having Clark's powers. Not only is she dangerous, she's deluded! Like telling Clark she's being like him, and NOT turning into Lex! And then saying this would have never happened if he would have grown a pair and offed Lex himself. (I might have put that into my own words a bit.) Oh my god! I love that she had to change into her black spy outfit...because when I want revenge on my ex-husband, I think "I'd rather be doing this in a black turtleneck!"

    Um, the overly literal banging...was just...ick. Poor Chloe having to walk in on them after that! How truly awkward. I would never wish that on anyone They made up for it though, because I practically got chills during that last scene of Chloe and Lana! Wow. I was just sitting there thinking, the bitch is going to try to kill my Chloe! I was waiting for something to really drive them apart last season, when they were obviously on different sides of the Lex vs. Clark battle. But this is sooo much better. friends driven apart because one's a psychopath who can't be trusted...

    I know you're no Lois fan, Cori, but I gotta say...on any other day, Lois could have totally kicked Lana's ass I'm just saying, she could fight usually. I'm not too excited about HER story though. Funny how I look forward to Lana's arc more than Lois's right now (considering Lois is one of my favorite characters) I don't have to actually LIKE her, I just like the direction that they're taking Lana. On the other hand, Lois is being treated like she's just some piece of ass. I'm glad the Planet hires people based on looks, rather than actual writing ability. No offense to Lois, but if she still had the same drive that Grant claims to have hired her for and was not as hot...

    And of course, I'm happy anytime we get some really good Clex scenes
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      Originally posted by little albatross
      On the other hand, Lois is being treated like she's just some piece of ass. I'm glad the Planet hires people based on looks, rather than actual writing ability. No offense to Lois, but if she still had the same drive that Grant claims to have hired her for and was not as hot...
      I agree! How infuriating! For once, I actually like the character of Lois in a Superman story and they are doing their best to make her ineffectual and bumbling. HELLO?!! She was suspicious of Grant a couple weeks ago about maybe being on the Luthor payroll because he pooh-poohed her 100 Acre Wood story. And this week he doesn't accept the harddrive as proof and gets the opportunity to destroy it. Lois is smarter than that. And has she ever appreciated being treated like a piece of ass? No further than it would allow her to accomplish her own ulterior goals. A vapid Lois is worse than Lois on various unseen assignments.

      I do love that Lana is going (gone?) evil. And her mentality about having powers was chilling. I'm glad the episode didn't end with Clark saying he'd always love her. But leaving it open ended was almost as bad. He's going to have to extricate himself from her soon. And for once because it's the wise thing to do as a person and not because their relationship is too gooey or boring.

      Lydia made the punch!