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The Strike's Affect on Smallville Season 7

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  • The Strike's Affect on Smallville Season 7

    What with "Desperate Housewives" and "The Office" already shutting down production because of the WGA Strike, I'm sure some of you are wondering what will happen with Smallville and the fate of Season 7. Now, be warned: THIS THREAD MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR EPISODES ALREADY AIRED! Any spoilers for future episodes should be put in spoiler tags!

    The showrunners, and creators, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar released a press statement answering a lot of questions about what will happen to Smallville if this strike continues. In this statement, they say that 15 episodes (total) were written and stock-piled before the strike started on Monday (11/5/07). This means that there are still 9 episodes left. Because the creative staff realized the possiblity of this strike lasting months, they wrote in cliffhangers to 7.15 which will allow this episode to serve as a season finale.

    For those of you who are curious as to what episodes we do have left, here's a list of episode titles and brief tidbits about the episodes that have spoilers out so far. Spoilers are ahead! BEWARE!

    Episode 7.7 "Wrath"
    Airing: November 8th
    -Lana absorbs Clark's abilities and goes after Lex.

    Episode 7.8 "Blue"
    Airing: November 15th
    -Clark releases Lara from the crystal. Lara gives Clark Jor-El's ring, which has blue Kryptonite in it, and Clark realizes that Zor-El manipulated the entire thing and he soon finds himself without powers just as his bio-uncle is released, too. Zor-El then takes control of the Fortress of Solitude.

    Episode 7.9 "Gemini"
    Airing: December
    -BIG EPISODE. This has been compared to a season finale when it comes to the twists and turns and surprises.
    -Fetures holiday elements. Lex has a new project, "Gemini," he's working on, Chloe and Jimmy are stuck in an elevator with a bomb, a foe from the past returns (but not Braniac), major changes come to one of the show's couples, and Laura Vandervoort (Kara) doesn't appear.

    Episode 7.10 "Persona"
    Airing: January
    -James Marsters returns as Braniac!
    -Clark and Kara find the fellow Kryptonian who has been living on Earth for a long long time, now. The Kryptonian, Dax-Ur, is played by Marc McClure - the actor who played Jimmy Olsen in the "Superman" movies.

    Episode 7.11 "Siren"
    Airing: January
    -Justin Hartley returns as Ollie/the Green Arrow! Black Canary (played by Alaina Huffman) appears!
    -Lex recruits the Black Canary to bring him the head of the Green Arrow because the Justice League has been shutting down Lex's operations. Chloe will be in "Watchtower" mode in this episode.

    Episode 7.12 "Fracture"
    Airing: January 2008
    -A major Lex-centric episode that revolves around his mother, Lillian. And, yes, Lex is shot...again.

    Episode 7.13 "Hero"
    Airing: January/February 2008
    -A superhero from comics who fans have been waiting to see for the past few seasons finally comes to Smallville. All that's known is that the character is male and that he has super powers and that Lex tries to use this character's abilities to his own advantage.

    Episode 7.14 "Traveler"
    Airing: February 2008

    Episode 7.15 "Veritas"
    Airing: February 2008 (most likely)
    -The quasi-season finale that has cliffhangers at the end.

    -Chloe will confront Lana about how she's treating Clark and will basically say "You hurt Clark, you deal with me."
    -Someone will die and stay dead (most likely in 7.10 "Persona").
    -Bizarro will be back.

    Ok, a concern I have is about Michael Rosenbaum and his intentions to leave the show after Season 7. What with this season ending unpredictably early, does this mean Lex will be reduced to a recurring character whenever the show returns for it's eighth season? Or was he contracted for 22 episodes, thus meaning that he has 7 episodes after 7.15 to film because he's under contract? Hopefully he's convinced to come back as a regular for Season 8 so they can end things appropriately.

    Sooo...that's all.

    What's the purpose of this thread, you ask? To post news, information, spoilers about Smallville while it goes through this period of time with the writers on strike. It's also meant for discussion about what will happen and how the strike will affect the show AND to answer any questions or doubts about it all. So make with the talky?
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    This is an excellent question on how MR's contract reads. I'm terribly afraid that his contract reads 7 seasons rather than have an episode quota per season. Sometimes seasons have more or less than the standard 22 just because the studio ordered that number. And we never hear about contract obligations then. Sooo I'm thinking the contract is probably just for seasons regardless of episode number.

    However, considering the strike and maybe how the rest of the season plays out, perhaps the show can entice MR to at least do a few episodes of a season 8 (for the fans and story's sake) if there is a S8.

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      Wait, can't Smallville use Canadian writers since they are filming in Canada? The Canadian Writer's Guild is totaly on its own and is credited on some of the Smallville episodes as it is. So wouldn't that mean Smallville, Supernatural, Bionic Woman and other shows filmed in Canada can just switch out writers?

      I was wondering this today, cause I am pretty sure the Canadian Writers are not striking and it would be great chance for new writers to try out these series to give us full seasons.