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  • New Character Discussion (season two spoilers)

    Err, dunno if this should be its own thread, but I think people need to talk about this characters alone with out mixing them with original character spoilers and stuff.

    So this season we have gotten already a slew of new faces, with the promise of even more (incluiding one lovable Veronica Mars). So whats the word? Are these new characters fitting, or just taking up space for the HeroesClassic?

    Maya & Alejandro: Interesting since 2.01. I was hooked and really wanted to know all about them. The idea of joints powers is very Superfriends - Wonder Twins but of course, this is a dark twisted Wonder Twins, but its really cool to see the powers connect and how Maya needs Alejandro (who will so die. I know it. I don't read spoilers, so I dunno, but there has to be a reason they met up with Sylar).

    Monica: I'm still not 100% sure. I like the idea of her situation, and how she is working for her family after the hurrican and how she is dealing. Her power was cool, and like someone said will open great doors for some kick ass fight scenes. Though I'm still wondering if it is her own true power, or just a manipulation of Micah giving her power, and if it is, then does that mean he can manipulate other people to have powers or open what powers they might have?

    West: I understand that some people will have over lapping powers, but it kind of bugs me that he flies. He is an uninteresting character and his and Claire's story line has moved way to fast, kinda making her a little bit sluttish.

    I'm sorta excited for some new characters, but I rather just see them 1-episode-only characters. Kinda like Charlie (erm, 3 episodes what ever) and some of the characters Sylar killed. I like the idea of more people and more powers, but I don't really want life stories for them all v.v.
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    Well Bianca created her tomato flower thing before Micah gave her the hug so she was already using her powers.

    West is an amoeba. Simple as that.

    The twins are a great addition. They have a very sweet, Simon/River vibe that i am liking.


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      I believe there's some confusion concerning the name of Dana Davis's character: it's actually Monica. Not Bianca.

      As for the new characters, I will say this: there are far too many of them. I love Bob and Caitlin and I'm only liking Maya and Alejandro and I am sooo excited for Elle to show up. Kensei, as much as I LOVE David Anders, does very little for me considering how much I dislike the silly storyline he's involved in. Monica has yet to give me a reason to like her since we've only seen her in one episode. And West just bugs me to no end.

      So outside of Bob, Caitlin, Maya, Alejandro, and the-soon-to-appear Elle, there is nobody that I'm truly HAPPY with their having been added to the show. I think they could've added only a few new characters and had the others be episodic or just have a few episodes to appear in. Because the amount of characters this season is unnecessary, confusing, and distracting.
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        West says his name is West, but it's really Piz.

        I think Caitlin is interesting, but since I immediately went 'bah' at the "I'm not going to open the box" nonsense, I kinda blame the character.
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          Originally posted by Heather View Post
          I believe there's some confusion concerning the name of Dana Davis's character: it's actually Monica. Not Bianca.
          Someone said Bianca on the other thread, so I just went with it... Monica does sound more right for some reason...

          Rewatching Alias I forgot how good of an actor David Anders was and its a shame Kensai is a bit of a doorknob type character. Though it would be more interesting to see him in the modern day maybe, and even behind the seasons big mystery. (I think he and Kristen Bell would actually have good chemestry on screen).


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            Originally posted by KingofCretins View Post
            West says his name is West, but it's really Piz.
            Lol @ Dan.

            I like Monica. I don't know why. I just do, I just really love her. None of the others have moved me either way- the twins are interesting, but that's about it, the Kensai dude- well, it was only when we had the ep without the Hiro/Kensai storyline that I realised that I didn't miss Hiro at all- the Kensai dude doesn't do it for me. But Monica- she's just so fun!