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Downhill (Too Many Characters)

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  • Downhill (Too Many Characters)

    Or The Lost Virus, as some people call it

    I know it's been popping up all season, so far! So, what are your views on this subject? Too many new characters? Focus on more uninteresting characters? How it can change? Is it changing?

    News can also be posted here, if it has to do with the whole overly populated cast.

    I think that they need to focus on characters with more storyline, imo. New characters are fine, if we cut down on them. Like, Niki/her son have a great storyline and it's been knocked to the wayside. Luckily, I think it's picking up because of 2.04.

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    Heroes is really about the story. It's never really been about just one character, though, Peter, Claire, and Hiro get lots of screen time compared to the others. I seriously doubt they have Hiro in the past and Amnesia!Peter in Ireland just to keep them on the show. I'm sure that their stories will collide with the main seasonal storyline sooner or later.

    As for Niki, I just don't think it's her time to play her part in the story yet. I don't see it being because the new characters are taking her screen time up.

    I think the new characters, Kensei, Maya, Alejandro, and Monica are all great. With Lost, I didn't really like any of the season 2 additions that much. With Heroes, I can't really complain about any of them.


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      I like all the different characters! Especially when you learn their special ability. And one of the nice things about too many characters in conjunction with the "LOST Virus" as you call it - those people are canon-fodder instead of your beloved main characters. Give me too many people any day - just don't take away my fave's.
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        This was also the problem with Veronica Mars season 3. You start getting alot of somewhat interesting characters (I admit, I'll bite. I wanna know about West and Kensai) but alot of times beloved characters from before kind of get the back hand slap (Ando, Niki (Jessica ) but I think we should wait for more episodes to see. By mid season 3 of Veronica Mars a handful of main characters only made spot apperances, I think Heroes will try to mix it up, but right now are trying to kind of clean up a little bit of last season with Claire and Hiro to give way to more interesting story developments like Niki and new characters like Maya, Alejandro and Kristen Bell .

        I'm also interesting in a few of the new characters. Maya and Alejandro have such a cool power, and its a really sweet twist on the WonderTwins! Also Bianca looks like she'll be the link to giving us some awsome Buffy styled fight scenes.


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          Honestly, West could exit stage Zach and I don't think the show would lose a single bit of energy. I think he's a manipulative little schmuck so far, honestly, moreso since he revealed his power to Claire. If they ever want Sylar to be able to fly, I think he should swing by to return Claire's car

          So far, I like Monica a lot. It's nice to see TV find a Katrina-character that isn't just a political pamphlet. And, if I interpret her power correctly as being the same power as Sylar's basically (I can't imagine that the thing is TV specific... c'mon), I think she provides a nice contrast.

          I think Maya is getting more awesome, actually. I think they did a great job with the casting. That storyline has gone through the roof in interest level now that they put the twins with Sylar.
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            The show hasnt gone down hill. I find it just as interesting as when i first started watching. I personally enjoy finding as many new people with powers as possible. Most people who watch Heroes seem to suffer "core group syndrome" from their Buffy watching days. I dont mind if they go three or four episodes without focusing on a particular character, even a personal favourite as long as i am seeing cool sequences involving people with powers. I'm not going to get hung up over season one characters. Heroes is about many, many, many people trying to come to terms with their abilities and how they fit into the world of Heroes. And i like that.


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              Originally posted by Glenn View Post
              Heroes is about many, many, many people trying to come to terms with their abilities and how they fit into the world of Heroes. And i like that.
              I very much agree but there is a definite way to keep a sense of diversity amongst the characters without having to add new ones every episode and the writers don't seem to realize this. They keep adding new ones and, thus, originals are losing screen-time and story-time.

              However, the problem with Heroes at the moment is that the writers seemingly don't know how to make the show balanced and relatively equal amongst all the characters. Having as many "Heroes" as they do at the moment can work if they just figure out that they can't fit frequently-appearing characters (Claire, Hiro, Peter, Maya, and Alejandro) into every single episode. They need to space out their appearences and their storylines because, right now, Season 1 characters are being so mistreated and abused.

              Season 1 didn't have this problem that Season 2 is. They new how to keep things spread out and nice and even, for the most part. Even if Claire DID appear in every episode and Hiro appeared in all but one, I believe. But the storylines were interesting and everyone got the chance to shine multiple times. Season 2 doesn't seem to have either of those two things, in my opinion, and it's highly unfortunate.

              But, again, I don't think the problem is how many characters they're choosing to add; the problem seems to be the writers' inability to write all these characters and keep the show balanced, fair, high quality, and entertaining at the same time.
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                i think the enlarged amount of charactors is good. there's more story to makes things more interesting.
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                  I would have to say I love that Heroes has alot of characters. It makes the show more complex and realistic. And I love seeing different personalities. Thats one of the reasons why people love this show. There are so many character that relate to people in the real world. Also all the character have different backrounds. Its just a all round great series.
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