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2.04 "The Kindness of Strangers" Spoiler Discussion Thread

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  • 2.04 "The Kindness of Strangers" Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I really liked it! And yet, I wait for the criticism to pile up, heh.

    Of all the effin' people to find on the side of the road, Sylar! Who is clearly having some identify issues, since he seems to, at least for a moment, wonder if he's actually Gabriel Gray instead. Clearly he decided not, though. I figure he has the virus -- that is the easiest explanation for why he can't use his powers.

    Nathan shaved, so I guess Pasdar's beard had a scheduling conflict. Or was abusing craft services. One of those.

    No Hiro or Peter, so they were spreading the love to other characters. I like Monique (Monica?) so far... looks like she's another intuitive learner, like Sylar. If so, she has already demonstrated how much more significant that power is than even Sylar understands.

    I've got theories on the killer...

    1. West -- they did say he might be someone who could fly away, and he may be a hired gun of whoever wants people dead. Although that wouldn't explain why Kaito recognized him. Maybe I just want him to be evil

    2. Nathan -- Kaito *would* have recognized him, and he did say his mother was evil. Maybe he's developed his own Jessica, in the form of the mutilated man in the mirror.

    3. Kensei -- he's a regenerator... and plausibly immortal. I dunno, seems like a reach to have a character straddling timelines, although it would mean Hiro's story arc is much, much more significant to the whole season.

    Poor Molly
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    Oh my god, I'm so glad someone enjoyed it, too! When I saw people posting already, I was like, "Uh-oh, and bashing ensues..."

    Well, yes, I really enjoyed. Even though there was no Niki, I guess I'm fine with that cause the majority of the episode WAS focused on the minor character and his family, Niki's son what's his name again? It's on the tip of my tongue

    I really like the character, Monica. She will keep growing on me, imo. Her power is really intriguing and I'm so excited for it cause it opens up doors to REAL fight scenes on Heroes! Which just makes me squee!

    haha! What a coincidence! It's like a car of murderers in Mexico, now! I think Sylar knows he's Sylar and hasn't forgotten. He still seems like he wants to kill them....if he gets his powers back, of course So, want to see more of that.


    I guess Claire was okay. Nothing really great. West is still evil, inside Also, I love HRG's suspicion of Claire Wants more tension! Still, Claire, Hiro did it, now leave for an episode. Oooh, to make it better, do it WITH Hiro!

    OMG, Molly! I love her, so sad that she's like in a coma or something I want her back. But, Matt's dad might be the killer? Now, THAT is interesting.

    So, I liked it. MUCH more than last episode. Definitely best episode of the season. Let's hope it keeps up.

    Did anyone see the trailer for next week? Kristen Bell looks AMAZING


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      Originally posted by BlasterBoy View Post
      Did anyone see the trailer for next week? Kristen Bell looks AMAZING
      My heart stopped for a second I was in so much happyshock! I wasn't totaly paying attention then all of a sudden I hear VERONICA MARS!

      For the episode. Actually rather good. I really like Monica, and the entire Micah family thing going on. Its interesting and different. The fastfood joint scenes reminded me ALOT of 'Big Love' with Amanda Seyfried and Tina Majorino's characters. I am very interested in learning Monica's powers, it seems kind like Charlie's but with a physical attribute. I hope she can't take supernatural powers though, cause we don't need another Peter.
      Micah hugging her and the "I wish I could fix your dreams" was SOOO sweet! Such a nice touching scene. And I totaly agree BlasterBoy, this opens for some nice ass kicking scenes, which has always been the one thing missing from Heroes.

      Maya, Alejandro and Gabrielle/Sylar. intertesting. I think Slyar will kill Alejandro and then some how he and Maya will team up, but Maya won't know that he killed Alejandro... Or something, there has to be a reason why Alejandro's actor isn't a main and Maya's is. He can't be staying around for too long.

      Molly... god I hate her. She is a very annoying little actress and the entire three-som story line is not fun. Matt alone was interesting, and the idea that his dad was connected was a nice twist that I didn't see coming.

      Claire blah... The tension between her and her dad is good. Though West still annoys me, but I don't think that'll change by the end of the season...

      Next week looks good, alot of action going on. Though that lil cliff hanger with Niki last week makes me mad, I hope we get some sorta conclusion to it before the X-mas hiatus.


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        So I currently love West-but I do have that sinking suspicion that he is too good to be true. But that line about how he knows that she can heal but he would not ever want to see her hurt was sooo sweet. I squeeed. I really hope he doesn't end up being evil. One thing though- the "heros" tend to be related- here's to also hoping that he doesn't end up being her brother. "Oh my dad can fly too!" Hmmm.....
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          Originally posted by Dorian's Kitten View Post
          But that line about how he knows that she can heal but he would not ever want to see her hurt was sooo sweet. I squeeed.
          That line actually made me roll my eyes and cringe, I thought it was so cheesy. But tastes do vary.

          Okay so what was good in this episode?

          - After being neglected in the last ep, it was Nathan time again! I'm really intrigued by his storyline. It certainly seems as if he has a Niki-like thing going on (with the badly burnt face he keeps seeing in the mirror). I just hope that he does not turn out to be evil. So Nathan has shaved (and damn does he look good! Plus the longer hair really suits Adrian!) and does not seem so drunk and broken anymore, even though as his mother reminded him, he still has a long way to go. I was glad that we got to see his kids again, I was starting to think that the writers had forgotten about them. Seeing Nathan interact with them was sweet and sad at the same time. I also loved the scene where Nathan was looking at pictures of Peter (and himself), that was a very moving scene. Plus the picture of young Milo made me chuckle. Peter was absent in this ep but I didn't mind so much because we got these lovely Nathan scenes in exchange.

          - No Hiro! Enough said.

          - Finding out that Matt's father was on that picture with Mrs. Petrelli, Hiro's father etc. and that Matt's father is the boogie man, the person Molly is afraid of.

          Hmmm what else? Eh, that's about it for me.

          I thought the whole Claire/West thing was boring (this is becoming more and more the Claire&West show). The fact that Maya and Alejandro just happen to find Sylar on the road seems a bit convenient to me, even though I know that the heroes are all connected somehow. It just bugged me. I'm also not fond of the fact that I have introduced yet another new character, this Monica girl. Plus she kinda got on my nerves. Her power seems to be pretty cool though.

          So Kristen Bell's character is gonna be introduced in next week's episode and while I'm quite excited to see her on Heroes, I'm really starting to doubt that the writers know what they are doing by introducing so many new characters. How can they give each character the appropriate amount of development if they have so many characters already and keep introducing new ones? I would hate for the show to go the Lost s2 route but if Tim Kring is not careful, I'm afraid Heroes is headed down that road.


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            I'm going to guess that Kristen Bell's character is ElectroBabe -- I think she's the one that Peter absorbed the electromagnetism from. The preview shows her in the container yard, and Peter is her "assignment", so I suspect she had him and lost him somehow, but he got her power in the process. If she does have that power, will that make her Gwenronica?

            Zach Quinto continues to blow the doors off this show with his subtlety. I have rewatched the episodes several time, and the scene with him and Maya talking about the book is just awesome.
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              I really liked the Hiro storyline last season, but not seeing him this ep... was okay with me!

              Loved Monica. Not sure why, just did.

              And somehow I'm loving Sylar... can't explain that, he's just awesome! So glad he didn't die last season!

              I don't mind Molly, but that @!%$ last ep when Suresh says "And I'm never leaving again!" (insert operatic music!) really bugged me- I mean, hello? I think Heroes is a bit above your typical soap mechanisms! But to make a statement like that is a scream for help! "Get me a decent script writer! Stat!" Okay, way harsh, I know. In any case, it's totally neat that we see the parental twist for Matt.

              West... counting the ways that can go wrong! I really really like Claire, but a slightly less Claireish ep would be okay too.

              Overall: bring on next week with Kristen Bell! Woot!


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                Well this episode aired in Australia mand I thought it was cool.

                I really liked the Monica girl, but it makes me wonder about tne entire family of Micah, look at this, DL could phrase through things, Micah can maniplute machines and stuff and now Monica has some ability (I am not sure what it would be called). Makes me wonder if Monica's brother, grandmother and Micah's mothers are all hiding a secret.

                Say, that woman in the picture next to Matt's Dad, doesn't she look familiar? Isn't she Nikki's friend who was seen in season 1 (Early episodes)? But it can't be, all those people in the pictures look over about 40 and already knew about thier powers.

                And that man in the glasses that Surresh pointed to when he was trying to find someone else other then Matt's dad to find, have we seen him on the show before? For a second I thought he was Surresh's friend in India but I realized it wasn't.

                Also, I think some of them are in the other 6 missing paintings shown dead maybe?

                And I think Matt's Dad was the one who killed Hiro's dad (Quick Hiro, run!), hmm...They are all connected.

                Simone's friend (What was Charles relations to her again?) not to mention Peter's Patient was one of them, Linderman had a connection to Nikki/Jessica and Nathan not to mention DL and Micah. Hiro's father was in it, Matt's father is in it, Peter's and Nathan's mother is in it, I wonder who the others have a connection to?

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                  Simone was Charles Deveaux's daughter.

                  So far, the identified ElderHeroes from the picture are Kaito Nakamura, Angela and Mr. Petrelli, ParkDaddy, Bob, Linderman, and Charles. That's 7 out of the 12.
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                    Wait Mr. Petrelli? I didn't know he was in it, hmm so he would be one of the four that are dead (All died in different ways).

                    Is it irnoic how most of them are related to the new Hereos, what's next? Mr. Linderman is going to turn out to be Nikki's grandfather...

                    Hilda Celeriac: You better tell me everything or I am gonna go Lex Luthor on your ass!
                    Hey guys, if you know Amber is coming to Brisbane or anywhere near it, then page me (Well PM, just referencing Buffy)


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                      I kinda liked this episode as well. Although I missed Hiro...he's the star!
                      Loving this new hero, even though I usually get annoyed at new characters.. too many. But she was great. West was sort of a selfish ass this ep. The whole Peter story is way too Days of Our Lives for me.


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                        Originally posted by Cori
                        No Hiro! Enough said.
                        Originally posted by BlasterBoy
                        YES! NO HIRO! MY DREAMS COME TRUE!
                        Aw, what's with all the Hiro hate? Well, to be fair his arc this season isn't exactly the most thrilling.

                        Originally posted by DigitalLeonardo
                        I am very interested in learning Monica's powers, it seems kind like Charlie's but with a physical attribute. I hope she can't take supernatural powers though, cause we don't need another Peter.
                        Oh I agree, I hate what they're doing with Peter's powers, he seems to be able to almost anything, which is just ridiculous!

                        Originally posted by Veverka
                        Loved Monica. Not sure why, just did.
                        Second that!

                        As for me, I...

                        LOOOOVED IT.

                        I completely adore this episode!

                        Let's begin with Maya and Alejandro, just their luck to bump into ? Sylar. How the hell did he get there firstly, I thought he was in the middle of a random forest island? Still the murderous villain we know and?well, just know. Maya and Alejandro have obviously got themselves into a murky situation, Alejandro was right to be suspicious. Leaving an intriguing ending, I'm itching to know what happens next with this trio.

                        Claire's being the rebellious teenager, dating forbidden flying guys with tension with HRG. Not that anything's really changed, it's kind of their default state. I don't really have much of an opinion on West, I don't love him, don't hate him, he's just a little bland, pretty much just another pretty face. Though I love how this plot is developing, again it spells awesome plots to come which I'm looking forward to.

                        The absences of Peter and Hiro? I'm not exactly crying myself to sleep because of this. I have to say it was positive, from what we've seen of the two this season, their storylines aren't as good as they were last season, shame .

                        Now ? my new favourite character. I've officially fallen in love with Monica ? I just think she's awesome, there's something about her that I just adore, her determination and will for a better life, and she's just so likeable in my eyes. Her power was pretty clear from the start, she seems to have some sort of uber photographic memory and can copy anything she sees exactly. Though predictable that swing kick was awesome, some irrational part of me just screamed in excitement when she did it. Loved it! I'm now VERY interested in her character, I know I'm not fond of the constant character shifting, but this one would have to be an exception. I hope and pray they don't kill her off. Please.

                        Poor, poor Molly . I love the girl again, less with the annoying storming off and whiny screaming. Matt's father being Molly's bogeyman ? that's not something I expected! Yet again, I really can't wait for the outcome of this arc, it's just getting better and better! The ending of this episode was simply chilling ? and I looved it. This should be soo good! I have to say there's little on the negative side I have to say about this, the plots are thickening, the pace is quickening. Heroes ? now this is what I'm talking about.