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Bones season 2 Bloopers w/ "Kiss"!

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  • Bones season 2 Bloopers w/ "Kiss"!

    Has anyone seen the season 2 Bones bloopers? They're HILARIOUS, especially b/c of David, jokester that he is (bless him!). And best of all (or worst in some ways) he kisses her at one point on the blooper reel--which is cute and makes for some good avatar/fanart/vid material, but on the other hand is a bit disappointing in that we know what a kiss b/t them looks like (in my opinion at least).

    Anyway, check them out on Youtube here:

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    Why do they bleep out f*ck But not sh*t?

    Was this on the the s2 dvd? I never checked mine as I tend to not watch a lot of extras.

    DB has such a great sense of humor. He's the best part of that reel, by far! Ryan O'Neal is pretty funny too.
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      Oh, wow! That is just hilarious!

      I love David and his random farty noises! ROFL! He's such a goof, and their spontaneous kiss! Priceless!