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    I've just watched the finale of Season 2 and was wondering what everyone else thought of the second season? I haven't managed to watch all the episodes (no Sky One at work, Bah!) but I think I saw all the most important ones.


    Are you pleased that the mystery surrounding Brennan's parents has taken so much importance this year, and do you think that it was handled well?

    What about Brennan and Sully/Booth and Cam? Did they make you mad, or are you pleased that there were genuine obstacles to something happening with Brooth?

    Overall, do you think it was a better season than the first one, the same or worse?

    What would you like to see in Season 3?

    Did it end well this year?

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    I think it was better than Season 1, it's hard to explain lol because I don't think there was much difference between the two but I think we got to understand more about all the characters and I loved Hodgins and Angela getting together. I was fed up when Booth got with Cam to begin with but I've started to like her and I liked Sully aswell. I think there was more suspense this season that mae it more exciting with the Gravedigger, Cam nearly dying and Booth being tortured. I can't wait for Season 3 to start and I'm going to have to wait ages