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  • Journeyman

    So, I gave a new show a try... Yay me!

    I liked this show...interesting premise. Very Voyager and Quantum Leap-like esque, but with a neat twist with the old fiance. I wonder why it's happening? That's an interesting concept to not have explained...the why.

    Typical overall plot tonight with having to save the kid who will eventually become a doctor, but I thought it was cute the way he asked his former landlord to let him into his apartment 10 years prior... And a unique way to prove his case to his wife as well with the buried ring under their patio.

    How weird would it have been to sit at that dinner table in the past with your then-fiance and your now-wife? I felt so awkward for him...

    I think this show has potential. The wife could have some better acting chops, but maybe that will improve with time. The overall theme is cool - I like the newer twist with the old fiance, so we'll see how it fares next week.

    I think I give it an 8/10.

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    I really liked this new show! It was very Tru Calling like, true. But it has some great aspects!

    I love all the actors in this show! The lead is good, not as good as the others, but good. I really like this whole Olivia story, too. His ex wife and his real wife. Should he save Olivia and stay with her? Or should he stay the way he is with his current wife? I think it will be interesting. Plus, the whole double Olivia thing and how she knows he travels time is really interesting. Want to know what that's all about. I also liked the twist with him saving the son. I thought that twist was very Tru Calling-like I really liked the end with the song and the guy proving that he wasn't lying. Great scene, imo.

    I think this show will turn out to be a great show. Will keep watching.


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      Well I dodnt really like Journeyman.
      Like people up above me stated it was too much like Tru Calling. I also thought the WHOLE cast were older like in their early and late thirties. Im not saying they are ancient I'm just saying it would draw a younger audience if they had some one close to their age to relate to, I guess. I just thought it was boring and I almost fell asleep on it.
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        I thought it was pretty good. Not entirely original perhaps, but that could be okay.
        The wife/ ex fiancee twist is interesting. Also the Dan's relationship with his brother and the apparent past between his brother and his current wife was intriguing.

        I like the lead actor. I saw him on a talk show using his normal accent and I'm really impressed with his us accent. There are some early growing pains (convenient quick finds/fixes) to work out but I'll give it another watch or two before making up my mind.
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          Of all the new shows I chose to watch, this was the weakest of them.

          The show seemed more oriented to an older non-scifi audience. The pilot appeared to want to ease the viewers into the idea of time travel considering the cautionary tale of how saving a person doesn't always turn out happily ever after. As well as all the time spent on proving that he wasn't crazy to his family and friends. So I'm expecting a lot of reused themes (though good ones) rather than new ones to twist my brain and heart with new irony and meaing.

          Hearing familiar pop songs as identifiers of the time period was interesting. Wonder how long they'll keep that up.

          I was really quite bored until the last twenty minutes with the twist that his ex-girlfriend is moving through time as well. The fact that this was introduced SOOOO late into the episode makes me wonder how long it will be before any really reveal as to what is happening will appear. And this as a week to week go back and save random people show may be too boring for me. However it's on after Chuck and Heroes so NBC has me tuned in.

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