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3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer" discussion thread

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  • 3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer" discussion thread

    I'm surprised to say it but that this episode actually didn't completely suck! :eek: Okay it wasn't great either but there were some scenes in it that actually made it watchable and which reminded of the VM how it used to be.

    Needless to say that all the Piz/Veronica cuddling scenes made me cringe but quite a few things happened in the Piz/Veronica and Parker/Logan relationships this week which I liked. First off, I liked and found it ironic that it was both Logan and Veronica who both put disappointed faces on their partners. Both Parker and Piz are so clingy in their respective relationships. I mean both V/P and L/P have only been dating for a short while and already Piz and Parker are making assumptions and laying claims on their partners. I liked that Logan and Veronica were both more detached and independent. They both got out of a serious relationship so it makes sense that they do not want this level of intensity right away again in their new relationships. I find it interesting how hard Logan wants to be happy and tries to be a good boyfriend. When Veronica tells him that she told Parker "that's just how you are" and you then see Logan's sad face, I just knew that this was gonna a great impact on Logan and sure enough he changes his mind and asks Parker to come along because he wants to be that happy person, that perfect boyfriend. However, when he is truly honest with himself, then it's obvious that Parker coming along is not really what he wants and when Dick bows out of their trip, Logan is relieved.

    I also found the following exchange between Veronica and Mac very telling:

    Mac: "So Pizneyland is the happiest place on earth?"
    Veronica: "Happy enough. There's no rollercoaster but I think I can do without the adrenalin and the nausea."

    Which pretty much makes Piz the Riley of VM! I knew there was a good reason why I hated Piz! Veronica herself admits that there is no fire between them and that she finds him a bit boring (no adrenalin!). And since we all know how things ended for Ruffy on BTVS, this makes me hopeful that the horrible Piz/Veronica relationship will be over soon and that Veronica realises that she needs adrenalin and the occasional nausea in a relationship. Whether she will get back together with Logan or not, I don't know and while it would be great IMO, at this point all I care about is that she breaks up with incredibly dull Piz!

    The scenes which made the episode for me and which I truly enjoyed and loved where the ones between Dick and his father. I was totally unspoiled and therefore was overjoyed by the return of Richard Casablancas, what a nice surprise! However, as great as the Dick vs. Dick scenes were, they were definitely placed too late in the season. I have been waiting all season for Dick to address Cassidy's death and now RT decides to finally show us this? Mid-season at the latest would still have made sense but now it is just too late. It's almost as if RT suddenly remembered that he had to wrap up this particular storyline before the season (and probably the show) ends and therefore included it in this episode. Still, at this point I'm actually grateful for any good VM scenes so the Dick vs. Dick scenes were what made this episode watchable and even enjoyable for me.

    I love snarky, angry Dick! He has got every right to be angry at this father. I enjoyed the exchange between Dick and his father so much, especially the following scene:

    Dick: "Just so you know, the world doesn't stop because you decided to show up."
    Dick Senior: "Had I known it was interfering with your surfing schedule, I would have come sooner."
    Dick: "Like maybe for Cassidy's funeral? This is where he died, you know. I walk by the spot he splattered on every day."
    Dick Seniror: "You think I'm not sorry about this?"
    Dick: "What are you sorry for, Dad? That he is dead?"
    Dick Senior: "Of course."
    Dick: "Do you ever think he's dead because of us? That he killed those people because of us?"
    Dick Senior: "Son."
    Dick: "We used to have contests to see which one of us could make him cry. I can barely live with myself sometimes and it's so much easier when you're not around."

    Actual character development from Dick Casablancas? Wow! I'm glad that Dick does feel guilt over Cassidy's death and how he treated Cassidy and I'm glad that he addressed these feelings and told his dad about them. When I think about the fact how a more gifted show runner than RT could have developed Dick's character in season 3, how much potential was squandered just because RT has no clue about character development, it makes me all sad again. Oh well, I'm glad that we at least got this much, as little as it is and as late as it is.

    As for the rest of the episode, I didn't really care about the MOTW but at least it was not quite as annoying as the last two MOTWs. I don't really get what's supposed to be so great about Mac/Max and I thought Max doing that bull horns thing was disturbing and made me cringe in embarrassment. Oh and I had to chuckle at the following two lines:

    Wallace: "The world is upside down. Veronica Mars wants to believe in miracles and I'm the cynical." Nice one, Wallace!


    Mac: "I'm getting lost in the sex, nap, eat, repeat loop. I'm in the porn version of Groundhog Day." LOL!

    Veronica and Keith being so happy about Veronica getting the internship at the FBI was really sweet. I really could have done without that last shot of Piz's mopey face though.

    So all in all, this episode was actually watchable and thanks to the Dick vs. Dick scenes surprisingly enjoyable.

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    After reading your review, I've seen the episode as well
    And it was indeed not that bad. Not that it was good, but at least I didn't fall asleep and there were some nice interactions between Veronica and Wallace.

    I like it that they've used Wallace and Mac a bit more again


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      I think it could be that recently I've started expecting so little from this show that it's actually looking better all the time!!

      I can't deal with Piz at all.. I never liked him even when he was just following Veronica round like a puppy dog.. although I did like her comment to Wallace about getting to second base then going to class fustrated or similar

      I really liked Dick/Dick Senior (opps I clearly haven't turned on the setting to hide naughty words ) but I feel Dick kinda gave in to seeing his father in the end and I think he really should have held firm on going away with Logan.

      I loved more Wallace though.. I'm so happy!

      Mac/Max is just weird.. Logan sums it up best with 'hot geek on geek action'! He is weird, but she seems to be really happy so... yay!

      Keith and Veronica celebrating her internship was lovely.. also Piz's face when he realised that they would be apart

      Can't believe tonight I'm going to be watching the final episodes. As much as this season has gone downhill it's still a show I've loved and I will miss it next season.