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Kristen Bell Lends Voice to ?Gossip Girl?

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  • Kristen Bell Lends Voice to ?Gossip Girl?

    As posted on E! and EW's sites, Kristen Bell will be the show's anonymous voiceover, who according to Wikipedia, is the namesake of the show who is an unseen character who runs a website and is the narrator of the book series.

    I'm taking this as very good news in VM's favor, I mean, she's just doing a voiceover and with today's technology it can probably be done over the phone. The CW could use this to both show's advantages. The Gossip Girl fans will most likely hear the voiceover from episode to episode and decide to check out more Kristen Bell on VM. It's good for Gossip Girl because, VM fans a more likely to check it out now, because Kristen Bell is involved. So, it could lead to a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." type deals.

    Thinking about it, The CW has been neglecting it's "Free to be Together" slogan, this could be an opportunity to reinforce that.