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Charmed: Prue or Paige

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  • Charmed: Prue or Paige

    Which sister did you prefer Prue or Paige.

    I prefered Prue, I cried when she died... .
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    I dont know why but I think that in my mind that Paige (Rose Mcgowan) Just gave out this sort of energy that shannen Doherty didnt have. But thats why I chose Paige


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      Earlier, I was into "Paige" character, but then I watched Prue epps again and decided that I love both in different ways, theyre so different from each other so it's not possibleto choose cuz theyre not in the same category imo


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        Paige, definately. Prue was too annoying for her own good, and I prefer Rose McGowen as an actress over Shannon Doherty anyway.

        Paige was a better character in general IMO, and Prue was just...well Prue. Paige's character developed more and became more likeable. I think the show lasted as long as it did, because I thought there was more chemistry between Piper, Phoebe and Paige, than there was between Prue, Piper and Phoebe. I think if Shannon didn't quit, the show wouldn't have lasted as long. The first three seasons were way too Prue-centric.

        I'm tired, and I'm not expressing my Paige over Prue thing well. So sorry if it's a bit...senseless.

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          Rose really was a crappy actor in Season 4 she got better though.

          I think the whole dating Marilyn Manson thing scared the crap out of me.
          Loved the episode where she got Betty Boop boobs.
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            I picked Paige. I liked Prue, but for me, Paige was just more pleasent to watch and she was funnier.
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              I always felt that Prue carried more of a serious vibe than Paige did. Maybe it wasn't really the characters that made the difference, but the show certainly went downhill after Paige arrived. Rose became an okay actress, but still--there was always something fluffy about her.
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                The never ending question?

                I voted for both. Prue was my favorite the first three seasons, I loved how her story line was going and her control over her power. She was also just fun to watch, though I am glad she died, cause if Prue stayed I don't think Charmed would have gotten then 8 seasons it did.

                Paige was great (not always with the hair style) but she had some great stuff as well. Her season 4 story was good, so was her season 6 one. Though I felt her relationship with Henry moved too fast.


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                  I had to pick both...Prue was wonderful and I was sad to see her gone, but I've recently noticed that Paige seemed to bring a new life to the show. There was more funny & lightheartedness...although the first three seasons have a wonderful sardonic humor.

                  Gotta say, though, my fave of all the sisters, consistently through all the seasons, is Piper. I seem to relate to her the most.
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