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  • I plan to start watching Charmed

    I have what I suppose is a very unusual history as a viewer of Charmed. The story doesn't necessarily cast me in a flattering light, nor does it make the show sound like a great show. But it's entertaining enough to tell anyway.

    Presumably most Charmed fans have a favorite episode. But in my case, I go further, and I have usually treated this favorite episode as if it were the only episode. I'm an obsessed fan of this one episode, but treat it as if it were a unique TV production rather than just one of the 100+ episodes of a long-running TV show. I watch it every time it comes up in the TNT reruns, but have usually not chosen to watch any of the other episodes. For I tend to think that no other episode could possibly match the glory of this one episode, my favorite episode.

    So far, I've kept you in suspense about which episode I consider so great. The answer: It's none other than The Power of Three Blondes. Thaaat's right. I just love the wicked plans, the ditziness, and, yes, the sex appeal of the Stillman Sisters, the titular blonde characters who basically upstaged the Halliwell sisters as the stars of the episode. It's the equivalent of Harmony if she had two sisters. (And of course, this goes hand in hand with a crush on Jenny McCarthy, the only famous actress among the three who played the Stillmans.) I think the Stillman Sisters should have their own spinoff series; by the Goddess, I'd watch it.

    I assumed that there were no other episodes featuring the Stillman Sisters, and that no Charmed episode without them could be as great as The Power of Three Blondes. The first assumption was correct. But I'm hoping that the second one was wrong, and I'm finally going to start watching the other episodes. Today, for instance, I watched The Witch is Back, and found that, like The Power of Three Blondes, it also involved a warlock trying to steal the Halliwell sisters' powers.

    So what do you guys think? Is the Power of Three Blondes (and the Stillman Sisters in particular) one of the better episodes? Is it likely that I'll enjoy the other episodes of Charmed? And how much potential for fanfiction do the Stillman Sisters bring?
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