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    I'm not sure if this has already been answered but anyway...

    So, where were The Cleaners in All Hell breaks Loose?
    I've always wondered why they never cleaned up the Charmed Ones exposure.
    Was it maybe because Prue was upposed to die and Paige had to come into their lives at that time and there couldn't be four of them?

    No clue.

    So where were the Cleaners?
    Just under it, actually.

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    Well, I think most people accept the reasoning that The Charmed Ones and the Underworld were able to resolve the problem using Tempus and turning back time. Since there was that option, then the Cleaners did not need to step in. However since Tempus was destroyed here, turning back time was no longer an option available and the Cleaners had to step in to cover it up in later years.

    Lydia made the punch!