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The Best faces of Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Martha Kent

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  • The Best faces of Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Martha Kent

    Well, this thread is about who you thought was the best actor to play as Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and Martha Kent in many of the movies of Superman.

    I believe Lionel Luthor and Chloe Sullivan only existed in Smallville am I right? And list any other characters if you want.

    Now, I can only judge the actors from Smallville and Superman Returns, I don't remeber the other Superman movies so I can't judge.

    In my view, I think Tom Welling, Micheal Rosebeaum, Erica Durance and Anonettia 0'Tool were the best out of the two.
    I just thought Superman Returns was a bit well boring, sure there were some interesting parts but I don't know.

    Michael and Erica plays Lois and Lex so well that they I liked them better, and even thought the actor who played in Lex in SR looked a bit like an older verison of MR, I just think Michael did a way better job.

    Now for Antoinetta (Got it right that time! The spelling I mean), she deifently the best hands down, the Martha in SR I could barely hear, I know she supposed to be old but still, and Smallville Martha just has something that SR's Martha didn't.

    As for Lois, I just like Erica so much better, she is able to make Lois funny and such, quite a few times on Smallville I found myself chuckling at something Lois said or dod, but the other Lois was a bit boring, but then again that Lois isn't a teenager almost turning 20.

    And one more thing, how in the world does Lois and Lex know Clark for over 10 years or so and not know who he really is! Even Chloe had her suspious and Lana started getting suspious in season 6 of Smallville, and Lionel had researched on Clark less then Lex did and didn't take him long to figure it out. Of course Lex wasn't possed by Jor-El.

    Anyway, what do you think, and please tell me because I would like to know about the other faces lf Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and Martha Kent were all better then Smallville and any other.

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    hmmm....I really liked Teri Hatcher as Lois in the TV series Lois and Clark...she was just so neurotic, it really fit my idea of what Lois should be like...

    I do like Tom Welling as Clark, because, well, he just looks the best of all of the Superman's.

    I think that Gene Hackman will forever be the most memorable Lex. He's just so good at the part. Though MR is my personal favorite because we get to see Lex in so much more depth and detail.

    I don't really have much of an impression on the Martha's. So, I won't really comment on them...


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      I actually don't have much opinion on the Superman actors over the years. I've seen most, if not all, variations, but I was never a fan. I think that is largely in part to the fact that the character of Lois Lane usually irritates me to death. And having a female lead that I find annoying and not someone I would aspire to be definitely turns me away.

      I only say all that to make a point on how amazing I've found Erica Durance in the role and that I actually quite enjoy this Superman incarnation. I love her tough, no-nonsense, non whiny attitude. She's also not all mooneyes over Superman and unappreciative of Clark. She's just likes to pick on Clark since he's younger. It is more of an older sister or hazing attitude rather than not seeing him as a person. I also love the vulnerability they have imbued to her character as well as her quirky personality. Okay and the girl loves Whitesnake, who am I to argue!

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