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Should have Brennan have gone off with Sully?

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  • Should have Brennan have gone off with Sully?

    Do you think that Brennan made the right decision regarding not going off into the sunset for a year with Sully? Do you think that Sully was perfect for her, and she should have gone?

    Would you have rather have seen her tell him that she couldn't go because of her feelings towards Booth?

    Do you think that the shrink was right, or Angela, about why she didn't go?

    I personally cheered that Sully was out of the picture as it makes the way clearer for Booth and her to admit that they really are in total love with each other (OK that's me projecting, but hey!) - BUT....

    The show's really strong point is the dynamic between Seeley and Temperence and I think it would've been quite interesting to see her go, have a few episodes with Zack in her place - and him coping, then to have her return because she was missing the work/her friends/Booth/her Dad returning (delete whichever you think appropriate).

    It would have really messed with the fan's minds about whether Emily Deschanel was being written out/leaving of her own choice. The way I saw it, it seemed obvious to me that she wouldn't go away because the show is basically about her - and that if she agreed to go with Sully it would've been a BIG surprise. Also, it would have been hilarious to see Booth trying to deal with Zack instead of Brennan, and fascinating to seem him coping without her.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

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    I guess I never really thought there was much of a chance of her actually leaving. Maybe they could have done like a partial episode; she leaves, the rest of the crew are trying to get on without her and she comes back because she couldn't stay away.
    But really it is hers and Booth's show.

    Also, I will need them to declare their undying love for each other before the show ends.
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      I actually quite liked Sully and I would have liked him to stay longer so we could see Booth acting jealous lol but I never wanted Brennan to go with him. Brennan and Booth just have to get together in the end and I love their partnership too.


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        You really have to take in what Angela is saying to Brennan. She is the one who is the free spririt and she is the one who helps Brennan connect more with everyone. I liked her advise, though I knew Brennan wasn't going to take that advise, thats also why I think I liked it.
        Angela: Do you want me to bring you up to date?
        Brennan: No, (Upset) I want you to tell me what to do.
        Angela: About what?
        Brennan: Sully wants me to run off with him.
        Angela: Go.
        Brennan: For a year.
        Angela: (Insistent) Go.
        Brennan: He wants to run a charter boat around the Caribbean.
        Angela: (Pleading) Go.
        Brennan: He says I should take a sabbatical.
        Angela: (Insistent again) Go. What is the downside? He's a great guy. This is a great idea.
        Brennan: (Upset) I'd miss you guys.
        Angela: (Dismissive) Oh, we'll meet you in Barbados. (Determined) Look, you have been working every day since I met you. It's time to let another part of yourself out into the sun, (Slyly) with a bare-chested man and a tropical breeze. (Brennan laughs)
        Thoght enitally I think it was the better idea because it made Booth and Brennan well have more chance to well kindle. I also can't find what the shrink said, (could you post it?)
        But also as much as I liked Sully and Brennan, I did think they were really endeering. Sweet and he really made her happy and problly even more normal than ever. And it was fun to see Booth's reaction and jealous reactions (though so sudly because he was friends with Sully, so i think he reacted just enough)
        But I agree that it would have been fun to see the casts reaction to someone else in charge, and see how it effected Booth with her gone, and what made her realize what she needed to come back.

        I would have missed her to much though.
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          I haven't watched the whole sully thing yet, I completed the first season on DVD last week but I heard alot about him and I dislike him very much without knowing him because he got in the way of B/B so that's what I think. I hope I made sense.


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            Hell no! I couldn't stand Sully, he was a complete Gary Stu, and annoyed the hell out of me! I was also cheering to see the back of him, and LOVE the scene of Sully sailing off into the sunset, and Booth meeting Brennan there, and putting his arm around her and leading her away, bantering with her and saying the great line, "Everything happens eventually" that is so much about B/B--it was just perfectly done!

            And yeah, I think it was a combination of not wanting to leave work and not really loving Sully, but BOOTH! I was so annoyed when Booth was telling her to go, saying "NO NO NO!", but in the end I'm glad he did, so she could tell Sully that Booth DID tell her to go, and she still refused! Suckah! It makes Booth look better in the long run, and Brennan's feelings for him (wanting to stay) stronger.

            I really woudl be happy to never see Sully again, unless it was after Booth adn Brennan started dating!
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