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Bones episode 20 & epside 21

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  • Bones episode 20 & epside 21

    Well time to discuss episodes again, this subforum is almost empty.

    This week two episodes;

    The wednesday episode was nice. Not really special but the body was gross, Wendall was back and the killer was not ugly at all. It was really random. I knew that Daisy was not cheating, at first I thought that Bones and Booth would spend the whole episode hiding it for Sweets to end with Sweets telling them what was really happening. That Sweets was not aware, was a suprise (weird that Daisy said nothing about it).

    Last episode was a really good one. Of course for a part due Gordon Gordon, who is always fantastic. But Brennan was not cold and arrogant but clueless again, which I like much more. Sweets got real story, maybe a sad backstory ... but a story.

    I loved the last scene, David and Emily were amazing in it. Such a suprise that Brennan open herself up like that.

    Gordon was talking about one of the two being uncomfortable with his/her feelings for the other. I'm curious which one, is it Booth who is pretty much aware of it and not afraid to be in love. Or is it Brennan who is not the person to hide her feelings and who was ready to tell everything in the last scene.
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    I'm gonna jump on this one and say that this is "Bones" at its best. Best episodes of the season.

    The Wednesday episode was, frankly, just really funny. I LOVED seeing more of Sweets and Daisy. They freak me out, but I like it. The Hodgins/Angela thing was weird, not my favorite. If they're trying to show they have moved on, I just don't believe it. Sorry! Not much more to say. I really enjoyed it and was pretty intrigued by the story. Now onto the real gem...

    Last night's episode!!!! :eek: Damn! That was simply brilliant! Probably the best since....I don't even know! But it was the best one in Season 4 so far. It really shows me how great the show can be. Too many points to notice! GORDON GORDON! Dammit, I love him. He can't leave! The Sweets/Gordon Gordon thing was just great, and we finally learn more about Sweets past. After this episode, my sister who watches with me, just went, "I love that one!!! They seem to make episodes every now and then focusing on one character! Those ones are always the best." I mentioned something about how Hodgin's episodes suck, and she agrees, and then we discussed how we must have another Angela backstory episode because she is really cool. We both agree on that

    The story was so creepy and so awesome at the same time. The power struggle was so well done here. Bones interrogation methods were perfect! I LOVED LOVED LOVED her screaming at that guy! Probably my favorite part! I cracked up so much. And Gordon Gordon was in a band! And he was dancing! And singing! And

    Awesome, awesome episode.

    EDIT: about the feelings, me and my sister discussed this, and we came out with...they both know. They have to. We've seen Booth know and that little smile Brennan gave him? She knows. Who's uncomfortable? Well, that's Booth. At least, IMO.


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      Agreed. "Mayhem" was one of the best episodes of the series. And or once in quite awhile, the B/B affection did not seem forced. It was natural and it was nice to have Gordon Gordon and Sweets discuss it.

      Speaking of Sweets! Oh, I him so much more every episode. I think JFD plays the part so well. And of course, you can never go wrong with having Gordon Gordon around!

      Based on spoilers, I am glad that the writers are starting to lay more hints about
      children and family. That way, the finale and the eps leading to it won't seem to come out of nowhere!

      Personally, I have really enjoyed Bones this season, despite a lot criticism from so many fans. It's fun and heartfelt. And the last episode is the best example of what Bones is when it's on the mark!

      I also couldn't help mentioning the scene toward the end between Gordon Gordon and Sweets. I liked how he told him he had a good heart. There were a lot of personal revelations in this ep! And I agree that the last scene was beautiful and poignant. I was surprised by Brennan's admission of abuse by her foster parents and by Booth's own succinct admission followed quickly by asking that she was okay. It was a sweet little moment and one of those times when the affection doesn't seem forced.
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        Well, I've just finally seen those two eps, so finally I can join this thread- that last ep was lovely. And you know, for me, the thing that told me 'this ep is on track' was Brennan saying about something "I don't know what that means". That was the quintesessential bones for me, in the beginning and I love it.

        Damn, that Stephen Fry is incredible. He just adds something amazing to that show, but I think to anything he is part of, actually.

        As for Brennan opening up at the end like that, kudos to Emily- she turns it on and off so amazingly!


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          Something else I really loved was that DB does things in the background when he has no lines. In the scene where Booth has lunch with Brennan and Gordon Gordon, he is sniffing bread and looking disgusted at it while the other two are talking. I love it when actors do things like that instead of waiting for their own lines.