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Major Spoilers, and I hope that it's not true.

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  • Major Spoilers, and I hope that it's not true.

    You really want to read it? ... really? It's gonna destroy all your faith in the writers ...

    Finale Spoilers from Ausiello

    Suddenly, the cancer-induced ghost sex Izzie was partaking in on Grey's Anatomy isn't looking so preposterous.

    As I previously reported, David Boreanaz' Bones alter ego will suffer a life-threatening health crisis this May that will cause him to hallucinate. Well, I can finally reveal the destination of his head trip: Quahog, Rhode Island. Put another way, Booth is getting a visit from Family Guy's acid-tongued baby villain, Stewie!

    No joke!

    "This is going to sound odd, but it is a completely believable event given [Booth's condition]," maintains executive producer Stephen Nathan, who declined to reveal the mystery ailment causing his visions. "It's not just a fantasy of ours. There's medical research to back up what's going on with Booth. There are conditions where you can see cartoon characters."

    But don't expect to see Emily Deschanel's Brennan sparring with the evil tot: The cartoon cameo will be limited to Boreanaz. "We were never going to have Stewie just walk into the lab and start talking to everybody -- that would be a bald and shameless crossover," Nathan adds with a laugh. "It was always conceived to be a realistic hallucination... one that would lead us to what we wanted to do with Booth and Brennan."

    In case you've been living under a rock without Wi-Fi, what they want to do is get the two detectives in bed having sex in the May 14 season finale -- an event Nathan assures me will "not be a hallucination." But first, Brennan will ask Booth to father her child on May 7, a request that leads to Stewie's first of two appearances. "Stewie will be in the sperm donation room with Booth," explains Nathan, who says Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will sign off on all of Stewie's dialogue. "Whatever Seth wants to do is fine. As far as I'm concerned Stewie can sing!"

    What do you think? Is this crossover too silly even for Bones? Or do you have faith that the ends (Booth's diagnosis on May 7) will justify the means (Stewie!) Sound off below!

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    Oh, I know.

    I hate it.

    If this really happens....

    Let's just say this will be a bigger "Jump The Shark" moment than Zack helping Gormogon.

    Why do the Bones writers have to make their season finales suck? God....I hate them.


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      *head desk*

      Okaaaaaaaaaaay. It's like they're trying to do Smile Time. Guys, no. Just no. That worked because it was on ANGEL. This is Bones. And it's sooooooooo wrong.

      What the hell are they smoking?

      I thought it was weird enough when they had him hallucinating the dead young soldier and that Brennan saw the soldier at the end (extreme WTF moment) but this is just...what the...
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        This in combination with the other spoilers for the last episode makes me want to run away and never see any episode again. Leaving the ship before it sinks completely.

        Brennan wanting a child, another WTF spoiler. And Brennan/Booth sex ...

        Argh! And I just know that I will watch it ... and I will watch the next season as well. I'm such a weak tv watcher. I always keep on watching series, even if the writers destroy everything.

        This is a terrible spoiler day for me, how is it possible.

        -DW Spoiler-
        Just found out that Rose returns ... again. *sigh* How many times you have to lock her up in a locked off dimension?
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          Ok I know I don't post in here much but I'm the occasional viewer of 'Bones' and Nina's title made me click.. I just had to see

          That's hilarious, though I'm not sure if it's hilarious in a good or bad way. One thing for sure is that it will be funny, Stewie can be hilarious and I could already picture him interacting with DB/Bones.. That will be very funny. But should they do it just because it’s funny? Not really sure about that?

          I guess this may depend on how serious they make the storyline be overall, he says it’s a real medical condition where people see cartoon characters so I guess it’ll depend on how worried Brennan is about him and how serious they make all the other scenes?

          I’m not a regular watcher of ‘Bones’ but every time I do I enjoy it because it’s not your standard crime solving show. I’m not into them (with the exception of the marvellous SVU) so I always enjoyed this one really didn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not sure if this might be going to far though….

          Surely it'll get a lot of viewers out of curiosity alone though? Probably a lot of FM fans as well. Doesn't mean they should do it though.

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            Meh. I don't care. I still really enjoy the show. In fact, last night's ep was pretty awesome, imo. So I am not so bothered. I don't think it is going to be as big a deal as it seems. Stewie will only show up for a very short moment(s).
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              Actually, Blaster, as "jump the shark" moments go, that would be one of the worst since... jumping the shark.
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                I think it is a little silly, but I think it could work. At least it should be funny and not cheesy like his other hallucinations so far. I think DB is very good at comedy, I think he will make it work.


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                  I'm not spoilertagging since the thread title states spoilers and therefore anyone clicking in has been forewarned.

                  I don't think this as wtf as it first sounds. Okay, wait, no it is. BUT, I think that the show has been building up to each and has laid a groundwork through other moments in episodes.

                  We've seen Brennan really admire how loving a father that Booth is. And for her, societal norms don't really interest her, so the idea of a conventional relationship, followed by marriage, and then wanting a baby would seem more wtf. We know she likes and respects Booth. Why should Brennan have an aversion to want a child?

                  And as far as Booth and hallucinations, there was the entire episode where friend Parker helped him escape from the sub. Yeah the ending kinda made it look like wtf!ghost. But I really felt inside the sub that was Booth and his own subconscious presenting itself as a vision of Parker. So I can accept that he has some other hallucination in the form of Stewie.

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                    Yeah I'm thinking it's not going to be much worse than what's been going on already! I've vaguely given up watching (or at least, given up keeping up with the American schedule) because this season has been so up and down, and ever since the Zack stuff...sigh.

                    But I'm much more upset about bones and booth sleeping together than I am about Stewie. That's just...where can the show go from there??? And there's been no real build! And I don't think they would jump right in I think they would kiss first and generally...ugh! I feel like everything since Zack has pretty much ruined the show for me...



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                      It really shocks me how many people seem to dislike this season. I was just randomly thinking the other day how much I have enjoyed it. I've liked a lot of of storylines, plus I think the characters are showing different aspects of their personalities. Strengths are being revealed as weaknesses or character flaws while others have become more comfortable with sharing their personalities. Examples, Angela's inhibition has revealed itself as her own fear of commitment. Or Cam, whose love of rules has actually loosened into a very compassionate character.

                      Though, I'll admit that I've also found this season enjoyable simply because I never cared for Zack.

                      As far as Booth/Bones, if we've learned anything from Angela this season it's that sleeping together complicates things if the relationship isn't already solid. I think that Booth and Bones sleeping together is obviously a rating stunt. However, I do think that it will keep their relationship from going into a sappy territory and instead will bounce them back into the awkward "does he/she like me? do I even like him/her?" position that is always so interesting in the initial crush phase of a relationship.

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                        I think Angela is a bit part of why I don't like this season...her development, to me, has just seemed like completely arbitrary writing and arbitrary choices. Breaking up with hodgins, and her whole relationship with what's her name...what?? The whole time she and whatshername were breaking up, I was like...what are they even talking about?

                        But anyway.

                        It's interesting cuz I don't love Zack like some people did but I didn't hate him either...I enjoyed him as part of the team. But the reason the show jumped the shark for me with his betrayal/whatever was that I lost trust in the writers. So I don't trust them now to handle the booth/bones sleeping together ratings stunt well at all.



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                          Originally posted by Ehlwyen View Post
                          It really shocks me how many people seem to dislike this season. I was just randomly thinking the other day how much I have enjoyed it.
                          Agreed. I still very much enjoy each new episode that airs and I have to steer clear of certain sites and blogs just so I can avoid all the hate I see being written about this season.

                          That said, there are noticeable differences between this and other seasons. Some good. Some not so good.

                          Good: ramped-up comedy. I realize a lot of fans think the show has gone too goofy but I always found that Bones as a great sense of humor and it often strikes a nice balance with the drama. I think the show is funny and I like it.

                          Bad: forced B/B moments. Love B/B. BUT they keep throwing in all these instances where I just have roll my eyes. The writers are trying so hard to create circumstance and dialogue for their feelings to reveal themselves instead of letting the unspoken speak for itself. A few times of this kind of play is fine. But in almost every ep now it seems like someone is telling B or B that how B or B feels, you know what I mean?
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                            I'm tired of the new rule in 'Bones':

                            Scientists = rational --> have sex with everybody/non-loyal --> smarter than everybody --> not enough emotions.

                            Booth = no scientist --> dumb & prude ... a lower being.

                            Booth was never dumb, he was smart in another way.


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                              I remeber reading about this being a crossover or whatever, I don't really watch Family Guy but I guess I will see how this ends.

                              Since we are talking about crossovers whatever happened to the House/Bones Crossover? I remeber there was a thread about it before but it is actuallhy happening or what? (If so Bones must hurry up and catch up with House in Australia, it started late)

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                                As much as I love bones, At this point, I'm not sure what to think. Brennan and Booth are two of my favorite characters on tv right now. So the fact that their relationship may become really awkward at some point during next season is scary! Their just such amazing characters.

                                The fact that Dr. Brennan is based on a real woman who has actually done, seen, and heard the things that Brennan does is amazing to me. I think she's just magnificent.

                                I always think it's wierd how writers make a character face something life changing. Like cancer, or in Booth's case a brain tumor. The truth is, We all know he's going to survive it. If he didn't it wouldn't be Bones anymore. It would just pretty much suck. I love Hodgins,angela,camile,dr. sweets. Their all great characters. But I don't think that the show could hold on without Booth.

                                The greatness of Bones isn't just Dr. Brennan herself, But the relationship between Booth and Brennan. If that relationship wasn't there, I don't think i'd even bother watching bones to be honest. That is the one thing that helps mold the show. It's what Bones is.

                                Although I think it's sad that booth isn't in his best condition, I think it would have been better if last weeks episode was the season finale instead of the episode before. Atleast then we wouldn't know what was going to happen until the show returns next season. That would give it a big edge. Something to talk about. Something really exciting.

                                About the whole Bones and Booth having sex thing. I don't know if I like the idea or not. I mean I knew that there was an attraction there. It's always nice to speculate what it would be like if two of the main characters of a show become romantically involved. But there's a difference between speculation and it actually happening. It also has everything to do with the writing. It could turn out to be a good thing, or it could be a catastophic event that ruins the show. I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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