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SMG and Season 8

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  • SMG and Season 8

    Hey everyone,

    Do you think that Sarah Michelle Gellar is aware that Buffy is back in Season 8comic form? Do you think that she particularly cares? Would she ever read? Considering her husband FPJ is a big comic book collector she may get the chance to have a read?

    I personally think she hasn't seen them. I would be suprised if she was happy about the idea though. She seems very proud of the Seven years her and the cast had on screen and would probably want it to rest at that.

    What are your views?

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    I don't feel comfortable speculating on how she feels about it. Although perhaps she's rather indifferent to the whole thing and doesn't really care. :/ Either way, it doesn't matter to me how she feels about it. I am enjoying s8.
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      SMG's agent or someone had to sign off on Jo Chen as cover artist because SMG has likeness rights for Buffy, apparently. This was in a Jo Chen interview in one of the Buffy/Angel magazines. She said she wasn't sure if SMG herself had looked at it, but was happy to know that her camp had signed off on it.

      Same magazine had an interview with Nick Brendan who apparently hadn't even heard of Season 8, but he thought it looked pretty cool.
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        Oh dear... I thought people who didn't know about s8 lived under a rock, or something... could it be that those of us in the world who care obsessivly *points to self* are the minority!!??

        Kidding aside, I would have assumed that the cast would have to have been aware, but, meh, maybe not?


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          In an interview with Joss Whedon he stated he wasn't sure wether or not the cast actually knew about season eight or not. He did state that Tom Lenk had the issues as Alyson had seen them and was complaining (in a joking way) about how her character looks nothing like her, so at least two of the cast have seen them. However, it appears they aren't all aware about it.

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            I don't think that Buffy would have ended after S7 if it hadn't been moved from The WB two years before SMG's contract expired. One can only speculate on how SMG feels about this comic, but there have been so many Buffy comics that I don't see why she should care, even though Joss says that this one is canon. Getting a comic book likeness out of SMG might have been problematic, but someone managed to do it.
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