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  • Harth

    I never read Fray but after seeing her in season 8 I wanna start reading it. Anyway the character from Fray that seems the most interesting to me is Harth. A vampire with Slayer knowledge! I love how Joss always plays with his own mythology, and mixes it up!

    Anyway I also watch Kyle XY and I couldn't help but think if Fray were ever made into a live action movie or series, the actor who plays Mark, Josh Zuckerman, would be perfect as Harth. He looks a lot like the character. I don't know if he'd be able to pull off the acting as the character though, but I know he'd at least look like him! hahaha

    "Screw you, dawn! Hope that doesn't get taken out of context."

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    Well, they definitely have some similarites

    You should definitely start reading it though. They were fantastic comics, and it was great to have them incorporated into Season Eight. Joss definitley has a way of playing around with the mythology and bringing us something awesome. Fray is a perfect example of that.