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Episode Battles. Explanation Style. Buffy Edition. Redux!!!!!

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  • Episode Battles. Explanation Style. Buffy Edition. Redux!!!!!

    Okay, I'm very saddened that we let the other Explanation thread die, so I've decided to start it up again because it is a ton of fun; plus it's a nice thread to have when you want to talk about Buffy and yet the other Buffy threads just aren't doing it for ya. Jenni Lou came up with this game a long, long, longgggg time ago, 6/28/07!!! to be exact , and it's death was 9/27/08 so obviously this is like the ultimate Buffy thread, let's just be honest here.

    Basically, the person above takes 2 episodes and pits them up against eachother and then you explain which episode of the two you like more. Just like the thread in the games section; the only difference between this and the game is that in here you have to EXPLAIN yourself! POSTS DO COUNT so at least try to write like a paragraph. It's 4 to 5 sentences; that's not going to kill ya. Replies like, "Because the episode is my favorite, that's why it's better than (insert episode title)" aren't going to cut it. That's spamming and this being part of the Buffy section, is not allowed. Let's try not to give the mods more work to do.

    Alright now for an example: Bad Eggs vs Ted

    Ted for sure!!!!!!! I actually really like this episode unlike a lot of people. I think the story was pretty good up until the robot part. Although I still think that was pretty cool though too. If he was just a serial killer I think it would've worked better but we can't always get what we want. I loved seeing how Buffy reacted after thinking she had killed someone. There are some people that I've had debates with about how Buffy is a murderer too, same as Faith but I think the difference between the two Slayers is that Buffy actually feels remorse for what she did and told the cops what happened unlike Faith who went above and beyond to keep her murders a secret and she felt no remorse for her actions. I just like this episode, John Ritter's fantastic.

    ^^^ Yes that was actually my reply to that comparison so...... yeah. Once you give your explanation you then get to pit two episodes against eachother for the next person. Make sense? Alright first battle....

    Enemies vs Checkpoint
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    Yay! Thank you, love this thread.

    This is tough, cause I actually love both episodes, but I'm gonna go with Enemies (I know, Stacy, you're proud of me ). I loved Buffy and Angel's great plan, and the scene in Angel's mansion gives me chills EVERY TIME. Loved Angel punching Xander LOL, and seeing The Mayor react to Faith and Angelus as a couple was pure awesomeness. The best part was still definitely Faith going on her rant, cause holy crap, Faith is da best character ever () and her rant is just amazing So, yeah...Enemies

    Blood Ties vs. Dead Things


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      Very proud Ben, very proud.

      And man, this one's a toughy. I don't watch either episode too often. I'll probably have to go with Dead Things. Blood Ties is just a little too cheesy for my taste. I mean the whole ending where Buffy goes on to say that Dawn has her blood and whatnot sort of puts a kink in The Gift because Dawn's blood had to stop and yet only having Buffy die closed the portal thingy. Shouldn't they both had to die if it was true that they had eachothers blood? Now I'm getting sidetracked, Dead Things we get shameful Spuffy balcony sex which I wasn't too happy about but we also get the crazy time going wonky for Buffy and her thinking she's killed an innocent person. That's always good stuff right there. Drama =

      Reptile Boy vs. Go Fish
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        *sigh* They're both pretty crappy. SO hard, and I'm gonna have to go with Reptile Boy, because there were some great moments. I loved Willow's little outburst, cause that was amazing. Angel and Giles seemed stunned, and that was awesome. Also, Xander trying to save Buffy, and failing was really hilarious. Go Fish is basically all crap, with the stupid fish monsters. Reptile Boy had lots of crap, too, though, like the melodramatic Bangel stuff and the stupid blatant metaphor. But, Reptile Boy is still a wee bit better.

        Selfless vs. Hell's Bells (awesome Anya eppys)


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          Selfless for sure! I have never been a fan of Hell's Bells but Selfless, now that's a great episode. Finding out about Anya's past and all of the crap she pulled back in her demon days was fantastic. I especially liked the part when Buffy stabbed her. Yes, I know that's weird to say but I was so flabbergasted when that happened. I totally forgot that vengeance demons couldn't be killed by a sword through the chest but it was just so.... blunt. I mean, Buffy just blatantly stabbed a friend. Well, a semi-friend at least. Oh and how can I forget, when Buffy brought up how stupid head Xander lied to her in Becoming! :eek: I was soooo happy they finally addressed it. Granted it was a little late but still, it was nice to have it finally be acknowledged. So yes, definitely Selfless!

          Him vs Lessons
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            Difficult, but I've gotta say Him. The last two acts were amazingly hilarious, and I loved the Spike/Buffy bazooka thing That was AWESOME! Seriously. Also, Willow trying to turn RJ into a guy was awesome, and Anya was amazing, as always. Lessons is good, and the end is seriously fantastic, but the zombie thing was kind of dumb, and only half of the eppy was good, while Him was pretty good for half, and very good for the other half. So, yeah, Him!

            Intervention vs. Chosen (Spuffy kisses)


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              Really? Those are my options? I honestly can't stand either episode. I guess by default I'm going to go with Intervention. Only because we get Giles doing the hokey pokey and then Buffy's great line, "the who whatting how with huh?!" The Buffy!Bot was alright. It sure gave us some lighthearted moments in season 6 so you have to be appreciative of that. Chosen just didn't work for me. I didn't like it as a series finale. The only positive in that episode is when the First is mocking Buffy after Buffy had just been stabbed, "Ow, mommy. This mortal wound is all.... itchy." If only they had made the First in the form of Buffy more often. That would have been a lot more entertaining.

              Graduation Day Part 2 vs. Becoming Part 2
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                Love both of them so much, but I'm going with Becoming (Part II) because it is my third fav Buffy eppy evah! Why? Well, because, it is so frickin' amazing. We have Buffy getting suspended and shoving a sword in Snyder's face, the amazing Buffy/Angelus fight, the gut-wrenching ending montage, Xander's "kick his ass", Willow's spell, it's like an epic, epic, EPIC movie. Amazing stuff all around (and yes, I like Spike and Dru in this eppy too!). Also, Joyce finds out about Buffy being the slayer FINALLY!

                Where The Wild Things Are vs. Earshot


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                  WTWTA!!!!!!!!!!!! it! I'm a fan of Ruffy. I'm a fan of all of Buffy's relationships so this eppy doesn't bother me one bit. The Ruffy sex = in my book. I mean, what's not to like? We get Ruffy lovin' obviously, a haunted house that Xander referred to as having a "poltergasm" , we get some more fabulous dialogue from the other characters like, "in the midst of all that do you really think they were keeping it up? Oh, for a different phrasing" <--- that probably being the most hysterical line ever to have come out of Giles' mouth. It's all great. Earshot is great as well. Buffy finding out her mom and Giles had teh sex. On top of a police car. Twice! So good but WTWTA beats it out.

                  Bad Girls vs. Dirty Girls
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                    'Dirty Girls'. I love this episode for so many reason. Mainly, because Faith returns. While, yes, Faith is featured very heavily in 'Bad Girls', it's like the most important episode for her, but I love "older, wiser, somewhat mature Faith" so much more than "wild, crazy, severally messed up Faith."

                    Xander's dream was definitely a highlight for me because it was just hilarious. And Rachel Bilson, but that's beside the point...

                    Then, Andrew telling "Faith's story" was hilarious because of the fact Faith fought a Vulcan.

                    Another thing I love, Xander getting his eye gauged out by Caleb because it was such a "WTF?!" moment. Seeing Potentials getting killed was nothing, it was kind of what they were there for, but to have something so horrible happens to a Scooby, and Xander nonetheless, was rough to watch. It made me hate Caleb even more, but not only that, it made me fear him. It made me think, this guy's an actual threat!

                    versus 'Once More, With Feeling'


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                      Definitely Once More With Feeling. They're both flaunted about as the best episodes of the show and while to a casual viewer they are equal in terms of directional quality but OMWF has much more significance as part of the story arc. Not only is it amazing out of context but it's even better in context. Hush suffers because it is placed in a significantly weaker seasons.

                      Superstar vs. I Was Made To Love You


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                        I would have to go with Superstar because of the humour. I remember the first time I saw this episode and I was thinking wtf??? I thought I had missed an episode, but while it isn't the best episode I like that Danny Strong gets a bit more screen time because he is just so cute. I also like how Buffy is kinda seen as the weak little girl in this episode even though she has super powers and how Xander is in love with the guy I was Made to Love You on the other hand kinda bores me, never been a favourite of mine.

                        The Prom vs. Prophecy Girl


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                          Prophecy Girl

                          I like the Prom, but it's not all that. PG is one of the best BtVS episodes. SMG shows some of her finest acting and it's a shocking and beautiful episode. It's also Xander's best episode in the whole series and sadly enough Angel's worst episode. Willow is heartbreaking and it was the first great episode of the series. Besides the Prom is a bit cheesy, beautiful cheese ... but still cheese.

                          I Was Made to Love You vs Suprise (Two happy episodes before a heartbreaking episode)


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                            Suprise because for me the episode was done much better. There's all sorts of metaphors interwoven in it and it made for an excellent two parter. Plus, IMO, this was the first major experience for Buffy that basically forced her to grow up and deal with the seriousness of her involvement with Angel. Not to mention all the other stuff with the judge was cool too. I Was Made To Love You was okay in some parts that were funny, but I felt like they were pushing for Buffy to relate to Warren and it just didn't work. The only thing I thought the episode was good for was the intro to The Body.

                            Restless vs. The Wish
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                              Restless because I think that this is an important episode in the series. Through the dreams that each one of them has it shows how much they changed from who they used to be to who they currently were. The whole episode was done amazingly ! I love the part where Spike and Giles are on the swings The wish was also an amazing episode too. It showed how lost Sunnydale would have been without Buffy, but its sorta hard for me to sit through.

                              Graduation Day part 2 vs. Into the woods (Angel and Riley leaving Buffy)
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                                Graduation Day, Part II by far. That episode is one of the best finales in TV history. So much exciting events going on, all of the characters mature, the attention to detail is also so excellent (especially in Buffy and Faith's dream sequence). It was the perfect way to end the great high school years of BtVS. I've grown to appreciate Into the Woods more over time, it has a lot of great dialogue and character development, but I don't really consider it one of my real favourites - Grad. Day definitely is and I think that's true for most fans!

                                The Wish vs Doppelgangland


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                                  Again it has more humour and I love Willow trying to act like Vamp Willow. This is also probably one of the only Buffy episodes that I thought Angel was quite funny in, when he thought Willow had died. I don't think there is a scene in this episode that I don't like whereas The Wish bores me a little bit the more I watch it.

                                  Earshot vs. Normal Again


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                                    I choose Earshot

                                    While Normal Again is a pretty amazing episode, I feel Earshot is more well rounded. This episode has moments that are intriguing (buffy being driven insane with all the voices in her head), scary (the murderous lunch lady), funny (xander and wesleys thoughts, the ending when giles walks into the tree) and touching (buffy and jonathans talk in the tower). Hearing all the scoobies thoughts is priceless, it's a really tightly drawn episode, and I think Buffy is really funny in this episode when she first starts reading everyones minds.

                                    But I do have to say that the part in Normal Again when Joyce tells Buffy to believe in herself, prompting Buffy to 'give in' to her 'fantasy world' and save her friends is very awesome. both good episodes

                                    Something Blue vs. Tabula Rasa


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                                      This is easy, definitely Tabula Rasa. Something Blue is very amusing at times, but then I hate Spuffy, and there's SO much of that in SB. I love Buffy and Riley's talk about marriage in SB, though That was hilarious, but, IMO, Tabula Rasa is a great mix of comedy and drama. Love the comedy, and Anya/Giles relationship is fantastic, and then the end with "Goodbye To You", aww, SO SAD. So, yeah, love Tabula Rasa, Something Blue is just mildly amusing.

                                      This Year's Girl vs. Consequences (Faith-heavy, eppy 15s)


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                                        Consequences. I'm not a big fan of TYG actually. I very much prefer WAY? over it. But in saying that TYG had the fight at the school with Buffy/Willow/Faith where Willow went to smack Faith with her bookbag and Faith (without looking at her) says "do it Red and you lose an arm," only to have Willow actually hit her with the bag once Buffy and Faith started fighting. Oh man, I was laughing my butt off when she actually got her shot in. Consequences though is just a better all around episode imo. We got to see the beginning of Faiths downfall. The one thing that always irked me in this episode is when Faith blames Buffy for the death of the deputy. I was so mad when she did that to Buffy but then I was a little relieved that Giles didn't believe her. I just think it's a better all around episode than TYG.

                                        Nightmares vs Fear Itself
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