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Is Saga Vasuki an old one?

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  • Is Saga Vasuki an old one?

    After a discussion in the Twilight thread, this idea popped up in my head. Saga Vasuki is really powerful and a demon form another kind as the regular demon of the week. It would fit? Drogyn is not longer guarding the well and it's possible they escape now. We never heard about Saga Vasuki before season 8 and her names sounds just as ancient as Illyria.

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    I've been assuming she was a goddess myself, in the Hecate/Osiris mode or perhaps slightly less powerful. But then again, I'm not sure the distinctions between the different supernatural beings have ever really been clarified on the show.

    The idea she's escaped from the Deeper Well is certainly interesting... although it doesn't leave much time for her to have trained Kumiko in witchcraft as well as Willow.


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      I was thinking she was a goddess too. But, it doesn't seem to be BtVS style to be too finicky about metaphysical details. On the whole, things aren't otherworldly on Buffy, they're this-worldly (cos demons were here first) so it's more a matter of someone being a character who can do a certain range of stuff and has a certain attitude, rather than what someone *IS* in a metaphysical sense.

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        I've personally been of the opinion she may be a Lower Being like D'Hoffryn. She like him seems to hold dominion over her own dimension, considering what it takes Willow to get there. She's clearly seems to be powerful whatever she is though, I hope she is able to get her story expanded upon and more on her connection to Willow and how it all began. Plus it'd be nice to see some of her powers at work, if Willow went to her, and she taught Kumiko who was a match for Willow she must have some serious power within her.