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Was Gigi Sympathetic?

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  • Was Gigi Sympathetic?


    In the 'Agree or Disagree' thread in the Games Section Gigi's character was briefly discussed and it was asked wether or not you found her a tragic or sympathetic character. I believe she was, whereas Nina said this;

    I guess so, but Gigi can't count on my sympathy at all ... the only reason that Roden had so much power over her was because she was that egocentric mean person. She was maybe tragic, but a lot characters are tragic (Wesley, Liam/Angel, Dana, Faith, Connor, Holtz etc.). So no love or pity for Gigi.

    It's a viewpoint I can certainly understand, but ultimately I disagree. So I'm basically asking wether or not you found her a tragic or sympathetic character?

    I found her a combination of both. I think the way she spoke was evidence of how badly she'd been brought up, which isn't her fault. I remember a few people believing she'd been written terribly and far too stereotypically, whereas I believe it was intentional. Joss can write British characters, seven seasons of Btvs prove this quite sufficiently, and it was that fact that Anthony Head stated was one of the reasons he joined the show in the first place. So in my opinion, it was deliberate to show how twisted and misguided Gigi was and how people such as Roden had filled her head with so much garbage, they managed to completely damage her view on the world. Take for example calling American's "Colonists" or her ranting about how important she was.

    Unlike Nina, I don't believe Gigi was already a egocentric mean person, but that she was shaped this way by people like Roden. In fact, I'd say if it was one quality that helped Roden manipulate her like he did, it was her loneliness. She had no friends, it's why she warmed to Faith so easily, why she couldn't bare to think Roden had used her in anyway. I don't think she was already a mean person, she was just lonely and twisted and moulded into the kind of person we saw. I think we saw a hint of this when we see how horrified she is that she killed the slayer on her "hunt." It hit her hard.

    And the girl had been lied to so much. She'd been made to believe that Roden really cared about her, that the slayer throne was actually meant to be hers, that Buffy was responsible for her nightmares and that she was this magnificent warrior. Wherein reality, none of this was true. It's why I sympathised with her so much when her world came tumbling apart, where she was completely outclassed by the likes of Buffy/Faith, when she found out Faith had lied to her and when she'd been confronted by the possibility that Roden wasn't all he seemed to be, it shattered her delusion. She reminds me one of those poor misfortunate children who are raised to hate other races, they never had a chance, it's their adult figures who are to blame.

    I think when she died it was played sympathetically, and I could understand why Faith was crying. Faith saw herself in Gigi and Faith knows that somebody like Gigi could be rehabilitated.

    I just found her a very unfortunate, misguided, deluded, tragic character. I'm not excusing her for her actions, like Faith, she had no right to kill and she can't blame Roden for that. But it's tragic she was brought up to end up in those kind of circumstances.

    So what do you guys think, love her, hate her? Sympathetic, not sympathetic? Tragic, not tragic?

    Tragic and Sympathetic?
    Just Tragic
    Just Sympathetic
    I don't think she was tragic or sympathetic
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    I still think she came across as a hideous caricature myself. It put me off the character completely.


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      I think Gigi was a sympathetic character to a certain extent, and her relationship with Faith had a power to it. The thing that let her down was, as with so many young people today () her diction. Dude. No one talks like that. Maybe Queenie in Blackadder, but, while she is awesome, she's not exactly chock full of realism.

      Speaking of diction, I really shouldn't watch so much American drama. Instead of dude I should say...what...mate? And instead of awesome I should say brilliant. [/note to self]

      But, aside from the way she talks, I think she's sympathetic - especially her bonding scenes with Faith.

      Though, the idea that Faith likes the Stone Roses doesn't quite wash to me. Then again, the songs are all about ego trips and messiah complexes ("I wanna be adored" and "I am the resurrection and I am the life") which would tap into her experiences with Buffy.

      That's really a sidebar though isn't it?

      I think they could've written Gigi better in many ways, but I think that the thrust of the character is interesting, and she does make me want her to turn out ok, find redemption instead of a gutting by her best friend.

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        What happened to Gigi was terrible and probably could have been prevented, but I'd have to agree with Giles on what had to be done. It was too late for Gigi. I don't think she found any fault in her actions anyway until she was dying, which is why I find the situation tragic.
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          She was certainly a tragic character. I'm not sure about sympathetic though. Not all of her naivety could be excused through her upbringing. She was, pretty much, a complete idiot. She was also something of a lost cause. Faith, at least, had enough of a grip on reality that she could face it if she wanted to. Gigi would have destroyed herself trying and was beyond receiving the help she so desperately needed to have a chance at recovery.


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            OI miss the voting possibility for not tragic and certainly not sympathetic.


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              I thought she was both tragic and sympathetic, but it was emotional resonance borrowed from Faith, if that's makes sense. I don't think the character stands up much on her own, but her connection with Faith and the fact that we understand that Faith relates to her brings the emotion out for me.

              I get Sue's criticism of her being a bit of a caricature as well. It did put me off a little initially, but the story was good enough to overcome that.


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                I sorta liked her.
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                  Well, she was certainly interesting. That's actually a significant statement because it's not easy to produce characters in the frame of a comic book that are truly interesting. She caught my imagination and made me wonder about what kind of life she'd had, why she was the way she was, and what her potential future might have been. I was also interested by the fact that she connected so easily with Faith, given how much contempt she had for just about everyone around her.

                  I guess she must have been a sympathetic character for me because I felt sorry for her when she died.


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                    I felt Gigi was more tragic than sympathetic. The ending and the way she died was more poignant to me because of how it affected Faith as opposed to pulling my heartstrings because of Gigi's lost potential.

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