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  • Favourite moments so far


    We had this a while back but we've had many issues since and we're almost at the half way point for season eight so I thought it'd be fun if we could list our favourite moments of the season so far.

    Five Favourite Lines:

    Five Favourite Panels (illustrations):

    Five Favourite scenes:

    Your favourite character this season:

    Your favourite episode this season (standalone or arc):


    What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?

    I'll let people answer first before I comment


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    Off the top of my head I'd say my fav story arc has been 'Wolves'. Loved the Drac/Xander banter and the oriental Vamps.


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      Might as well post mine now as I have the issues out in front of me;

      Five Favourite Lines:

      This one was really hard but I picked these ones for now, though I could have easily picked more?

      BUFFY: The thing about changing the world? once you do it, the world's all different

      ************************************************** ********

      Dawn: I could swat you like a flea

      Buffy: Your butt looks big in those giant pants

      ************************************************** ********

      Buffy: Number one is you are always in danger. Right now you're in terrible danger.

      Satsu: Why?

      Buffy: You're in love with me

      ************************************************** ********

      Dracula: We have a cold journey ahead of us.. Find what warmth you can for now.. And I'll stand watch alone.

      ************************************************** ********

      Buffy: Stop slaying me!

      Five Favourite Panels/Pages (illustrations):

      1) Buffy standing on top of the church in ?A Beautiful Sunset' as Twilight floats in the air in front of her with the roof of the church above his head. It's beautiful.

      2) Buffy crying with her hair braded in ?A Beautiful Sunset' I love the imagery in this issue, the colours are fantastic.

      3) Buffy beaten and wounded on the floor in ?Anywhere But Here' such a poignant image for the whole season.

      4) The finale page of ?Wolves At The Gate' with the panel of Willow summoning Vasuki, Buffy and Satsu having sex and Xander tipping out Renee's ashes. It's sad, sweet and creepy all at the same time.

      5) The panel of Roden and his gargoyles as they stand in the shadows and watch Faith enter the ballroom in ?No Future For You.' I love the shadows and it has a very creepy and sinister vibe. It has a real cinematic feel to it.

      Five Favourite scenes:

      Another hard one for me?

      1) The opening of ?Wolves At the Gate' Issue #15 as Renee falls to her death as Xander runs towards her, the vampires and slayers battle and Willow and Kumiko fight outside. I love every moment of it, it's brilliant. From Renee's dialogue, Dracula's "he's not alone" Buffy's unwillingness to leave Xander and Kumiko showing Willow the vision.

      2) The Buffy/Xander/Willow scene at the end of The Long Way Home issue #3. It's so quirky and fun and reminiscent of the old days, I adore it. It's what I love about these three characters and their relationship. I just love Xander and Buffy's reactions when Willow is sucked through the portal, it left me dying to see the next issue.

      3) The Faith/Roden/Giles face off in ?No Future For You.' Giles is kick ass in this scene and I think Jeanty's illustrations are wonderful. I love Giles' expression as he says "burst" and Faith's smile as she sees him coming up behind Roden. I also love Roden as he says "the hell are you smiling about?" it's just wonderful. It reminds me a lot of Spike's "who the hell is this?" when Kendra comes to the rescue in ?What's My Line'

      4) The scene where Xander and Renee find Buffy and Satsu in bed in ?Wolves At The Gate.' The first time I saw this scene I was laughing out loud, I found it hysterical. I love Dawn coming up to the window shouting "Buffy what are you doing!" and Andrew's reaction is priceless.

      5) Buffy and Satsu's talk in the cemetery during ?A Beautiful Sunset.' I love how they're talking about their love lives as they easily take on the vamps and I love how we get an insight into how Buffy feels about her relationships and how they ended up.

      Favourite Character This Season:

      Still Buffy I must say. I find what they're doing with her extremely interesting and can't wait to see how the whole thing evolves. Xander's been awesome throughout as well.

      Favourite Episode This Season:

      'A Beautiful Sunset.' I nearly said ?No Future For You' but the other just wins out for me. I love the opening scene with Simone and her rouges and Buffy and Xander's concern as they look at the video. I think the graveyard scene is brilliant, the Twilight/Buffy confrontation amazing and Xander's narrative of the slayers and their purpose extremely heart warming. And I think the imagery in this issue is breathtaking, I love the colours it's very reminiscent of the gothic atmosphere from season two/ season three which I missed in later years.

      What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?

      I really want to see more of Giles and Faith, especially Giles. That's what I'm really hoping for, I can't wait until he comes back (which Jeanty has confirmed he will) I think it'll be fantastic. I'm also very interested to see what he's been up to with Faith as well.

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        I don't really have multiples of everything. I loved the Dracula stuff where he was finally able to become the badass vamp he was supposed to be. I also liked the oriental vampires, particularly Kumiko coming along and being some kind of match for Willow, even though it was very short. I'm also intrigued having a villian that possibly has an MO that isn't necessarily evil. It was one of the reasons I liked Glory, for however bad she may have been, when it all came down to it all she wanted was to go home.


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          Five Favourite Lines:

          5. "Yeh dinno much about religion, do yeh?" - Leah, TLWH
          4. "-but you put the moves on Red and I'll kill you like a chicken." - Kennedy, ToYL
          3. "Did your friend just turn into a kitty?" - Buffy, WaTG
          2. "Hi Buffy. Hi nude asian girl. How much dramamine did I take?" - Andrew, WaTG
          1. "Ha! But no, I hate you." - Xander, TLWH

          Five Favourite Panels (illustrations):

          5. The Buffy/Angel/Spike threesome panel in TLWH. Please, like there's anyone who doesn't love that panel.
          4. The Slayer party panel in A Beautiful Sunset. Seeing all the slayers together and happy and dancing on Dawn is just plain awesome.
          3. Fray and Buffy launching off of the top of a building in TOYL Part 1.
          2. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Renee walking away from the flaming vampire in WATG Part III. Just such a badass image.
          1. Panel the 1st: Buffy and Co. jumping out of the helicopter in TLWH Part I. I remember opening the book and seeing this panel and nearly fainting from the pure awesomeness that a Buffy comic book was actually happening. From this panel to last issue's reveal and every panel in between has been pure bliss for this comic book fan who got into Buffy after the series was off the air and never thought he would get to experience new material from Joss. And to have it in my preferred medium? It's like Heaven and crack mixed together.

          Five Favourite scenes:

          5. Faith's flashback of the Mayor in the last part of NFFY. I've always loved the Mayor, and loved Faith and the Mayor even more.
          4. Buffy and Satsu graveyard scene. Sweet and sincere and funny and awesome.
          3. Dracula's dismantling of Toru in WATG. Nice to see Drac take back his badass stick, and nice acknowledgment that it's not the vampire that makes Dracula a legend.
          2. Everybody discovering Buffy and Satsu at the beginning of WATG. Still the funniest scene of the series.
          1. Renee's death. So, so, so heartbreaking. One of the best sequences I've ever seen in comics period. And the fact that this and my number two (and three) all came from the same arc is just amazing.

          Your favourite character this season:


          Your favourite episode this season (standalone or arc):

          Wolves at the Gate.

          What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?

          -Buffy/Xander action! And I think it would be pretty interesting if it were B-->X unrequited for awhile.
          -More internal monologue. One of the most important tools of the medium is being nearly completely ignored.
          -More Andrew. What can I say? I love the little bastard.

          And, just for funzies because I like making lists:

          Top 5 Favorite Covers

          5. The Long Way Home Part 1 - Buffy with the Scythe
          4. The Long Way Home Part 2 - Buffy and Xander
          3. Wolves at the Gate Part 4 - The Seven Samurai Homage
          2. No Future For You Part 1 - Faith the Vampire Slayer
          1. No Future For You Part 4 - Faith/Giles Avengers Style


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            Five Favourite Lines:

            1. "There's always a name. Lincoln. Hitler. Gandhi. The name can inspire terror, awe... sometimes great things/ But there's millions of people going into making a name. People facing things they couldn't imagine they would. In the moments that matter, even our own names are just noises people make to tell us apart. What we are isn't that. The real questions run deeper. Can I fight? Did I help? Did I do for my sisters? My comrades, children, slimy-slug clan. There is a chain between each and every one of us. And like the man said, you either feel its tugor you ignore it. I tried to feel it. I tried to face the darkness like a woman and I don't need any more than that. You don't have to remember me. You don't even know who I am. But I do." - Buffy Decoy#1, The Chain.

            2. "If we go through a time-loop and this all happens again, I'm gonna say, "If things get dicey, I'll do the dicing."" - Buffy, Anywhere But Here.

            3. "All that matters is the Scythe. Once we get that back, they can't hurt us. I mean, except, you know, in the traditional biting and stabbing and clawing sense." - Buffy, Wolves At The Gate Part 3.

            4. "Yay! Dawnie, yay?" - Buffy.
            "Neigh." - Dawn, Time of Your Life Part 1.

            5. "Boy, the English language is just losing it. I should have treated it better..." - Buffy, Time of Your Life Part 2.

            Five Favourite Panels (illustrations):

            1. The Chain as they call it, the panel with the Buffy Decoy and the First Slayer and all of the other Slayers inbetween, I love the art in this one anyway, but I just really love this part because considering the underlying issue with the Slayer army over the season, it's a nice contrast because these were the original Slayers before the spell.

            2. Faith in that dress, "No Future For You Part 1", the first time you see it because unless you've seen the cover for Part 2 it's completely unexpected.

            3. The Kennedy panel in "Anywhere But Here", you know the one, I just love it because of how much like Iyari Limon it looks, I know that most of the other characters look as they did in the show, but for some reason that panel of Kennedy just beats the rest in my opinion.

            4. Dawn the Centaur, the full page when we first see her change in "Time of Your Life Part 1" I think it's a great image, really quite beautiful considering who drew it.

            5. Melaka Fray in "Time of Your Life Part 2", there's this one panel when she and Buffy are visiting Gunther and it just looks really awesome, like all of the lighting and everything makes her look really realistic.

            Five Favourite scenes:

            1. The Chain - Vi and Andrew's advertisement, it's brilliant. I can imagine it so vividly in my mind with the over-acting and everything, it makes me laugh anyway.

            2. No Future For You Part 3, Buffy and Faith's reunion where they go flying out of the window and they start fighting and Faith almost drowns her, I think it's a poignant moment in Faith's life when she decides not to kill Buffy although the battle that's going on in her head.

            3. A Beautiful Sunset, Buffy & Twilight's first meeting/fight. I mean, that's basically what the issue consists of anyway, but the questions that it poses, like who Twilight is etc.

            4. Wolves At The Gate Part 4, the opening two pages are so emotional it's moving, it was an interesting way to go with opening the conclusion to an arc, I mean, Renee was hardly a main character, but it was nice for them to do that and let her have some primetime in that arc.

            5. Time of Your Life Part 2, Dawn and Xander, the whole "Ride Me" thing, mainly again because it's humorous and at the same time interesting due to the fact that there could be something there later on in the season.

            Your favourite character this season:

            I'd say Faith because she's one of my favourite characters from the show, but looking back over the comic books I think it's Buffy, I mean the things she's having to deal with, like teaching a bunch of Slayers, having to find somewhere for them to be camped, finding money to pay for everything with, having the responsibility of renegade Slayers such as Simone Doffler and the rep from Twilight and his guys, it makes you see how hard things are for her from her point of view because she's got some much on her shoulders which leads to further things such as sleeping with Satsu as a way to maybe deal with how she's feeling or to get some comfort. Then you think about she's aware of being betrayed sometime in the future, loads of guys want her dead, she's dismissed her Watcher and now she's been transported to the future to discover that after all she did it might've been worthless in the end. When you think about how much she's had to deal with in this last season alone, it makes you sympathetic toward the character.

            Your favourite episode this season:

            I'd have to go with The Chain because of how it revolves around this one character that nobody's ever met before and it's all about personal things and knowing your own identity even if you have to be somebody else, it was just an all round great episode, from the bitchy-banter on the school's lawn to the Slayer training school and then into the lair of the beast.

            Your favourite arc this season:

            No Future For You by far, it was great to see Faith again, also it was nice to have the story from mostly her point of view, because of the character progression and everything it was the best arc rather than being plot orientated like The Long Way Home, Wolves At The Gate and Time of Your Life.

            5 favourite covers this season:

            1. #1 The Long Way Home Part 1 - Buffy and the Scythe.
            2. #3 The Long Way Home Part 3 - Willow.
            3. #5 The Chain - Buffy de-masking.
            4. #7 No Future For You Part 2 - Faith in the dress.
            5. #19 Time of Your Life Part 4 - Dark!Willow.

            What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?

            Buffy to find out that Spike is still alive.
            As XavierZane said, Bander.
            I'm sure there are many other things, but I can't really think right now
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              Top 5 Fights

              5. Dracula vs. Toru, WATG
              4. Buffy vs. Faith, NFFY
              3. Faith/Giles vs. Rodin, NFFY
              2. Dawn vs. Mecha-Dawn, WATG
              1. Buffy vs. Twilight, ABH


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                Five Favourite Lines:
                • Xander: "Sorry, thought I had the ol' danger room booked for the whole late-night slot. So I could be alone with my, you know... sweaty... shirtless... shame." (No Future For You)
                • Faith: "Thanks. But I'm not much of a reader." (No Future For You)
                • Buffy: "Your bad is way better than mine." (Anywhere But Here)
                • Kennedy: "The other look was fine..." (Time of Your Life)
                • Buffy: "Stop slaying me!" (Time of Your Life)

                Five Favourite Panels:
                • Buffy's fantasy with Angel and Spike (The Long Way Home)
                • Giles uttering "Burst." (No Future For You)
                • Willow talking to Satsu about H.G.O.G.A (Wolves at the Gate)
                • Toru breaking Aiko's jaw with a "CRAK" (Wolves at the Gate)
                • Buffy, Willow, and Xander in the trees (Wolves at the Gate)

                Five Favourite scenes:
                • Andrew and Vi's commercial (The Chain)
                • Xander and Buffy in the training room (No Future For You)
                • Faith and Buffy reuniting (No Future For You)
                • Buffy and Twilight's epic encounter (A Beautiful Sunset)
                • Satsu commanding the Slayers to leave no vampire alive (Wolves at the Gate)

                Your favourite character this season:


                Your favourite episode this season (standalone or arc):
                No Future for You

                What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?
                More character development, as opposed to Buffyverse development. I prefer "No Future For You" and "A Beautiful Sunset", and in some regard "Anywhere But Here", for its character development. "Long Way Home" and "Wolves at the Gate" were mostly driven by its plot, which for me personally, is not as interesting as exploring the Scooby's characters.


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                  Five Favourite Lines:
                  Buffy: "I miss my home. I miss my mom. I miss the gang."

                  Andrew: "How much dramamine did I take?" (After seeing Buffy & Satsu in bed! Made me laugh out loud)

                  Faith: "Hey rock, meet hard place"

                  Dawn: "Neigh"

                  Buffy: "I'm afraid of the dark." Xander: "Buffy, you ARE the dark"

                  Five Favourite Panels (illustrations):
                  1. The Buffy, Angel, Spike chained-up-nurse-fantasy. Just a LITTLE hot!

                  2. The cover of Faith burning the gown. So beautiful and SO Faith.

                  3. In issue One when the three slayers shoot the demons through the church windows and are suspended outside with their weapons and one's blowing a bubble of gum. Rowena says "That vent vell"

                  4. When Buffy under Amys spell and tied to the bed and Amy is raising a knife to her. The portrait of Queen in the background makes it that much more interesting.

                  5. Buffy's dream of the lion looking thing with the green flames as a mane saying "Long live the queen"

                  Five Favourite scenes:

                  1. I just love the first scene of the comic where Buffy and the slayers jump out of the helicopter and kill the demons in the church. I love the coloring and the overall look of it (kind of brings back the gothic imagery form earlier seasons) and I can totally picture it happening in the show. Plus Buffy has some great lines when she says "Thanks I work out" and when the demon says he doesn't fear the cross, she stabs him in the skull with it and is like "Might wanna start." Loves it!

                  2. The scene where Faith gets taken away by the gargoyles and throws one into the ground. "Hey rock, meet hard place." great line!

                  3. Faith and Giles taking on Roden and Genevieve. Awesome fight.

                  4. In "Anywhere but Here" when buffy jumps to kill the demon and Willow shoots Buffy some magic to help her slice the demon in half with her fists. It looks awesome and would be cool in live action.

                  5. When everyone walks in on Buffy & Satsu in bed. Those two being in bed was shocking enough but then to have everyone discover it immediately like that was even more unexpected (on my part at least) and made it so funny!

                  Your favourite character this season: I have to say Leah. I want to know more about her.

                  Your favourite episode this season (standalone or arc): My favorite arc so far is No Future For You and standalone is Issue 9.


                  What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8?:

                  I would like to see the fantasy elements continue as long as they are classic like Grimm fairy tales (the fairies, trolls, giants and centaur stuff is lovely.) I think they fit in beautifully to the buffyverse and make it that much cooler. I'm not sure how I'll like these tree people. I'm not really a fan of Lord of the Rings so...

                  I'd like to see the return of more old characters as long as their story makes sense with the overall season. Also some new characters would be cool.

                  I just hope Joss and co. tie everything- all the characters and stories- together perfectly in the end. But I do have faith this story has been mapped out perfectly so I just cant wait to see how everything ties together!
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                    Five Favourite Lines:

                    1- BUFFY: Xander is so stupid when he's right.

                    2- BUFFY: Wow. Your bad is way better than mine.

                    3- XANDER: It's always complicated with girls. That's why I need a *man*.

                    BUFFY: That would be nice?

                    XANDER: I mean a guy. Not a *man*, a *guy*, for the guy bonding.

                    BUFFY: Well, Andrew?

                    XANDER: Do you really need to finish that sentence?

                    4- BUFFY: *Yay*! Dawnie, yay?

                    DAWN: Neigh.

                    5- DAWN: Great. Three magic enchantments wherein my ass is huge.

                    Five Favourite Panels (illustrations):

                    1- Buffy, Xander and Willow up the trees, surprising the Japanese vampire in #14.

                    2- This is war. Buffy, Xander, Willow and Renee walking away while the vampire burnt behind them in #14.

                    3- Dawn the Horse's first appearence in #16.

                    4- Dracula's first appearence in #12

                    5- Xander's lovely body in #6

                    Five Favourite scenes:

                    1- The Buffy/Faith fight in #8

                    2- The Xander/Buffy scene in #6

                    3- The Buffy/Satsu scene in #11

                    4- The Xander/Dawn scene in #10

                    5- The Xander/Dracula scenes in #13

                    Your favourite character this season: Buffy.

                    Your favourite episode this season (standalone or arc): Wolves at the Gate

                    What do you hope to see more of in the second half of season 8? Giles!!! And more Buffy, Xander and Willow bonding. Mainly more core four stuff.
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