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    Hi everyone

    Okay Issue #6 has just come up to Pre-Order on the Darkhorse website. We now know the name for the 2nd arc of the season, No Future For You which is a very interesting title. Here is what the summary has to say;

    The second arc of our bestselling Season Eight starts here. Top creator Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man; Pride of Baghdad; Lost) takes over writing duties and dives headlong into what Faith is up to-infiltration, assassination, and nonstop Cleveland. The fugitive Slayer is given the assignment that could change her life . . . if Giles's specialized training doesn't make her want to end it first. Artist Georges Jeanty (The American Way) remains at the top of his game-and Joss Whedon stays on as Executive Producer-in this first part of "No Future for You."

    Here are my following thoughts and predictions, there are some spoilers in them but I didn't both to spoiler tag them because by now I think everyone pretty much knows them anyway, and they've been posted on this site a lone in numerous threads already.

    Okay so we have a rough idea of what Faith has been up to since Chosen and I'm actually quite surprised by the role she has had. For some reason it doesn't sit well with me that Faith's role is to infiltrate and assassinate, it sounds very much like the role the Mayor gave her back in season three. I'm sure Faith is doing the Scoobies work but I just hope that line doesn't blur too much. On that note; I wonder who she has been assassinating and what group or organisation she has been infiltrating?

    I like that Faith is in Cleveland, at least we now have an answer wether or not Giles' comment was merely a passing joke or if another Hellmouth actually existed. One could safely assume the latter is correct and Faith has established herself as protector of her very own Hellmouth, something she wanted back in season three. This opens up many question for me, like how active is this Hellmouth and what are Buffy and Co doing to handle the threat it poses? Surely with the arsenal they have now they are looking into ways to close the Hellmouth permanently, after living on Sunnydale's Hellmouth and experiencing first hand the danger it possess?

    Notedly, the summary on the Darkhorse website makes specific reference to calling Faith a 'fugitive slayer.' A part of me had almost forgotten that Faith was on the run from the authorities and I think making specific mention to her status means we are going to have Faith hiding from the cops who would be eager to get a very dangerous murderer back in jail. I wonder what this will lead to for Faith and how she'll get out of this situation.

    Spoilers indicate that Faith will be sent to London to take down a rouge slayer who lives in a high class society. I'm thinking Faith will have to infiltrate this high class society and am picturing a very Kaylee-esque moment from 'Firefly.' But what does this mean for her position in Cleveland? Do we think that Faith has a group of slayers of her own? I'm also extremely eager to know what the summary means by 'Giles specialized training.' IMO I'm betting that Giles is training Faith how to be prim and proper so she can convincingly pass off as a 'high society woman' and infiltrate this rouge slayer's territory. This would certainly annoy the hell out of Faith and I'm betting on some hillarious scenes between Faith and Giles.

    No mention of Wood as of yet, I wonder if he'll make an appearence or will be A-Wall like Kennedy.

    There is also no mention of what the Scoobies will be up to but they are to appear in these arcs and I'm betting will be dealing with the news Warren is back and the implications of their new threat; ya know the whole word and everything! I also wonder about General Voll and wether or not Buffy has him prisoner in the BHC and if so; what the American Military is going to do to get him back.

    I think this arc will explore Faith's darkness and how she is dealing with her past. Being a former rouge slayer herself it'll be very interesting to see how she deals with this new slayer who has turned to the dark side and the approach she will take with her. Will Faith try and reason with this slayer like Buffy did with her? Or will she jump straight to Buffy's later tactic.. which is stabbing her in the gut

    This arc sounds very intriguing and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Predictions?


    EDIT: KingofCretins has posted a interview with Joss Whedon in the Issue #4 Thread which talks about Faith's arc and what we can expect.

    Whedon states;

    It's a very Faith centric story, so it steps a little to the left of the main story, although that's a part of it, it folds into it, but it really is Faith's story. Where we find her is not really in a great place. Because she's so hard core and always has been, she's been doing some of the nastier jobs and it's starting to grate a bit. Brian writes Faith beautifully - her patter and her attitudes are spot on and with Georges Jeanty drawing her, it's Faith-a-licious.

    I'm very glad to hear that it is grating a bit on Faith because I mentioned above, I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of Faith assassinating and infiltrating as it does seem like the work she used to do with the Mayor. I'm glad this isn't being ignored and that Faith realises these are nastier jobs and isn't comfortable with that.

    Whedon also states;

    Since the next story arc is Faith's and dealing with the next huge thing, we don't spend a lot of time exploring how she feels about that, she's just trying to figure out what exactly they have up their sleeve more than reacting to it emotionally. At the end of the day there's this cult - and I should mention because people have been getting it wrong that it's not the American military. There is a military wing involved, but it's more global and shady than that, so this is not a book about hating the Army or anything like that. But, after the Faith thing, Buffy will be dealing with it on a lot of levels, asking who it is that really hates her. I don't think she really believes the entire human race is out to get her, but some things are going to happen that are going to make things, well, what's that word I love? Worse.

    Joss is referring to a question asked about how Buffy is dealing with the news that members of the human race want her dead. This kind of addresses what I brought up earlier in my post about what Buffy is up to in Faith's arc and how she is dealing with what she learnt at the end of Issue #4. Basically it appears Buffy will be trying to figure out what exactly the cult has up their sleeve so I'm hoping she'll at least interrogate Voll so we know what she has done with him. I think it may be a little frustrating not getting deeper into the whole issue because this arc will focus a little more on Faith, but I'm equally as excited to see her so I can't really complain.
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